50 Ideas for Theme Albums

I found this list a LONG time ago among some papers I was throwing out. I wish I knew who the “author” was, but I don’t. It was originally intended for paper scrapping, but works just fine (or even better!) for digital. Please add to this list (in the comments section) if you have any more ideas!!

ETA: Yay! The original author of the list stumbled across my blog. She’s none other than the wonderful Katie the Scrapbook Lady! She has wonderful resources for paper and digiscrappers alike. Be sure to stop by her blog!

1. Brag Book for Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa
2. Vacation Album
3. Landmark Birthday Album (16, 40, 65, etc.)
4. Hobby Album
5. Engagement Album
6. Wedding Album
7. Honeymoon Album
8. Career Album
9. Farewell Album
10. Retirement Album
11. “What I did on Summer Vacation” Album
12. Halloween Album
13. Gratitude/Thanksgiving Album
14. Christmas Album
15. Thank You Album
16. Pet Album
17. ABC Album
18. 123 Album
19. Baby Album
20. Adoption Album
21. Recipe Album
22. Goals Album
23. Neighborhood Album
24. Church “quiet book” Album
25. Teach Appreciation Album
26. Awards & Accomplishments Album
27. Character Album (Mickey Mouse, Barney, or child’s imaginary friend)
28. Sports Album
29. Friendship Album
30. Family Reunion Album
31. Treasures or Collections Album
32. Heritage Album
33. Birthday Album
34. All About Me Album
35. House Construction Album
36. Home Remodeling Album
37. Anniversary Album
38. Favorite Books Album
39. Tribute Album
40. Graduation Album
41. Christmas Card Album
42. Relatives Album
43. Learning Album (Homeschooling or Special Projects, Field Trips)
44. News Events Album
45. Writer’s Album
46. Journal Album (like a daily journal with pictures)
47. Traditions Album
48. Life History Album
49. Awareness Album (about a disease/disability to educate others or therapy for you)
50. Scrapbooking Album (of course!)


8 thoughts on “50 Ideas for Theme Albums

  1. This probably falls under a “Life History” album, but I do my foster children’s “Life Books” as digital scrapbooks… Pictures of them when they arrived. A list of favorite foods. Etc. Just a book all about them and the time they lived with our family (and the people they met).

  2. Lynn,

    I think foster parents are *amazing* people. Where do you find the time to foster and do their life books? I know a couple that fosters infants and they always seem so busy caring for the wee one that there isn’t much time left over.

    Yay for you!

  3. What about a blackmail album? You know the album with all of the shots NO ONE would every want you to show anyone else (LOL)! I actually started one of those albums – vbg!

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