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I’m a little late getting this layout finished. DD’s birthday was in April, and I’m just now getting this done. However, I did have three different version of this LO going all at the same time! I just couldn’t seem to pull the elements, photos, and journaling all together in a format I liked. I like it now though. I usually don’t use black, but I love how this came out!
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I can’t believe you are seventeen years old. Seventeen! Even when I say the words out loud, it still doesn’t seem possible.

Looking at these photos I see a tall, beautiful young woman. But if I look closely, I can still catch a glimpse of my darling baby girl who I used to hold in my arms.

I love you so very much. You are becoming an incredibly amazing young woman. You have a warm, loving, generous heart. You have some pretty awesome artistic skills too. I love talking with you, and listening to your thoughts and ideas about the world around you. I feel blessed and honored to be your Mom.

Happy Birthday Chelsea. You have a wondrous future ahead of you!


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