Protect Your Digital Images Online

Like the rest of you, I love uploading photos to my blog. However, I’m also extremely aware that ANY photo that appears on my blog (or elsewhere) is subject to being “stolen” or being used without my permission. I’m not okay with that. I’ve tried various different things to protect them, like only loading 72dpi versions, watermarking, etc. (I keep forgetting to watermark them, darn it.)

I just recently discovered though, that I can add an “invisible” watermark using my camera’s EXIF data information. Every DSLR photo has this information. For my Canon Rebel XT, I can set the owner info to © My Name and Email. The EXIF data will be on every photo I ever take from now on. Yay!

XT Owners: To have your name appear in the EXIF data in your pictures as “Owner”, first connect the camera to the computer. When the Canon Camera Window software comes up, select the “Set to Camera” tab. Click on the center button that says “Confirms/Changes Camera Settings.” There you’ll see a field where you can enter your name. If you don’t do that, the EXIF owner name shows as “unknown.”

For more great ways to protect your photos online, check out THIS great article at Digital Photography School.


7 thoughts on “Protect Your Digital Images Online

  1. Kathleen SHS

    Thanks for the info. My Nikon has this capability and it was very easy but I would have never read my manual that far!

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