Nothing Much to Say

I don’t really have anything to say…lol! I’m trying not to let too many days go by without posting SOMETHING, because then I’ll get out of the habit of blogging.

DD is busy this week volunteering with a local group that paints houses each summer for the disadvantaged and/or elderly. This is her third year in a row. I’m terribly proud of her, but slightly frustrated. I don’t have ANY pictures of her scraping and painting. And you know, I take pictures of everything. (I took a picture of my van’s engine for goodness sakes! lol…) So I’d love to scrap about it, but I don’t have any photos. I guess I could do a layout with just journaling, but since that’s my weakest point…. *ugh*

DS seems to have recovered from strep again. Of course, we thought he was over it two weeks ago too, when his fever shot up again to 103. He’s going in for a strep test this Friday to make sure all the little buggers are dead this time.

I’m not doing anything exciting or interesting, however I’m very thankful for that. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Lately most of our “excitement” has been in the form of an illness, something breaking down, or something else stressful. (Did I tell you that the bank accidentally took $$$ out of our savings last week?!?! DH nearly had a heart attack. lol…) So I’m perfectly happy to have a boring week. *grin*


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