Tackle It Tuesday

Welcome to my very first “Tackle It Tuesday” entry! I’m so excited to be a part of this fun meme. I think it’s a great idea, and I love seeing the “before and after” photos participants post on their blogs.

I decided that my challenge would be to finish getting my photos sorted and boxed for shipping to Shoebox Reprints. They offer a scanning service for your film based photos. Simply send them a box full of your pictures, and they will scan them and send them back on DVD for you. I have TONS of photos that I want to scrap, but being a 100% digiscrapper now, means that I would have had to scan them all in myself. Ugh.

So I sent in my order a few weeks ago, and have been gathering photos from all over the house to stuff my box. I’ve commandeered the dinning room table for the last two weeks or so, using it to sort through all the photos and dividing them into piles by size. It’s a bit challenging having only one table in the house. But photos trump dinner…so there! lol….

The sorting has caused me some episodes of bitter weeping because the photos are sent to Shoebox by SIZE, and not in chronological order. I’m going to have to RESORT everything back into chronological order when they come back….both on the DVD and the photos themselves. I’m so thrilled about finally getting them on DVD though, then I can scrap them to my heart’s content!

I need to come up with a better plan for storing my photos too, once they finally come home. Right now they are stored in boxes, which means nobody ever gets to see them. I saw some neat looking albums at Sam’s Club that even had a storage place in the back for your photo CD/DVD. I think sorting them into the albums will make another good “Tackle It Tuesday” entry in a few weeks.

Did I mention the anxiety, fear, and trepidation I feel everytime I think about the fact that I am MAILING my precious photos? It’s practically like asking me to mail my first born to strangers. (Actually, since most of the photos are about HER, it’s exactly like that!) I keep having these nightmares that they will get lost by the Post Office. *shiver*

Just when I thought I was finished sorting, and was ready to box up the photos and get them sent out today I discovered FOUR more boxes of photos that I need to deal with.


Since I just saw my mail carrier drive by my house, I think this is going to turn into a “Tackle It Tuesday (and Wednesday)” project.



3 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday

  1. I need to get all my photographs out of boxes and scanned in also. I am doing it myself, though, so it might take a few years. I would be very nervous mailing all my pictures, too. It sounds like a big project but you will be happy when it’s done.

  2. sincerelyanna

    This looks all too familiar. I love to scrapbook, and still do albums, but it’s getting harder and harder to keep up. And all those photos are waiting…

    Good luck on this project!

  3. Ok.. now I see what you’re doing, but I still wonder if it would be cheaper to get a scanner? I suppose it depends.. it’s not like I’d have TIME to scan all of them either… time and money… never enough of either (LOL). This reminds me that I should get my scrapbook challenge going because my first challenge I was going to issue to everyone is to organize something to do with scrapbooking… photos, memorabilia, supplies, or an entire room (my whole room needs reorganizing!)… so I’ll try to do that this evening and you’ll be the first WINNER since you’re already done organizing your photos!

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