Works for me Wednesday

Welcome to my first official “Works for me Wednesday” entry! I’ve been trying to think of something interesting and different to contribute. It was a little bit harder than I expected. lol…

When DD was little, I decided to use the time we spent riding around in the car to be a positive, relationship building time. So I created a game called “One thing I like about You.”

The rules are really simple. Every time we stop at a red light someone in the car has to say one nice thing about each person in the car. For example, “One thing I like about DD is…she is a great big sister to DS.” At the next red light, someone else takes a turn, and you can only say *positive* things about each other. The only other rule is there are no repeats. You can’t keep saying the same nice thing about the person every time you play.

DD liked this game so much when she was younger that she even had us play it whenever she had friends in the car. (We didn’t require the friends to play along, but most of the time they did anyway.) I look forward to errands because it’s interesting to hear what each person says. :mrgreen:

ETA: Be sure to click on the image above to visit Shannon’s official WFMW site, “Rocks in My Dryer.”


10 thoughts on “Works for me Wednesday

  1. Welcome to WFMW.. and great post! As I type we are preparing for a 20 hour (yes.. you read that right) car trip with our 2 and 4 year olds. I have been researching car games but most of them are too old for the Littles. This one will be perfect. Imagine how much we will love each other after hearing good things about ourselves for 20 straight hours!?!

  2. Tracy,

    Do they like books on tape? We love “Hank the Cowdog” stories, they are a hoot! Any time we go visit family it’s a 15 hour car drive too. I understand what you’re facing! Good luck!

  3. sincerelyanna

    Great idea for a game! I love it when families create their own games in the car. And this one has teachable moments all over it!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my WFMW. Looks like we have a lot in common so I’ll be back to visit your blog!

  4. This is a great idea. Maybe if my boys start doing this with each other they will realize they each have a great brother and will stop fighting so much. I’m ready to try anything and this sounds good.

  5. I think this is a great idea. My 4-year-old calls everyone an idiot – sometimes out of anger and sometimes to be funny. It’s not funny :). This sounds like a great game that really emphasizes being nice to each other. You bed we’re going to try it – I just need to be sure to take the long way around and hit as many traffic lights as we can!

  6. FUN! Hey.. I noticed you’re doing one of those different things each day of the week. So far I’m only doing T13 and the PhotoHunters thing on Sat.

  7. oop… forgot to finish what I was saying. I didn’t want to commit to too many things since I have a hard enough time just getting on blogger to blog ANYTHING (LOL).

  8. this is a GREAT idea. I love it. I am definitely going to steal it. We try to encourage the kids to “speak words of life” as much as possible around here. Not always easy when your sibling is ‘breathing your air’ and ‘looking out my window.’ Sigh! 🙂

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