Thankful Thursday

1. My photo sorting is finished and the box has been sent off to Shoebox Reprints for scanning. Although I discovered, much to my dismay, that I had too many photos to fit into the box. *sob* This means I’m going to have to fork over more $$ to get the rest of them scanned. However, I’m excited to get the first batch processed. (And scared to death too! Please take care of my precious photos USPS!) Did I mention the box weighed 20 lbs or more? That’s a lotta photos!

2. Rain. It’s sort of a strange thing to be thankful for, considering we’ve had flooding here in rain soaked N. TX. But it’s been keeping our temperatures waaaaaay down for this time of year. Normally we’d be up in the 90’s or 100’s by now. But thanks to all the rainy weather, we’ve not gotten much above the lower 80’s. I really, really hate hot weather. So the summers have been a struggle for me ever since we moved here.

3. Netflix. We hardly ever watch regular tv anymore. Netflix lets us choose from our favorite shows, both old and new, and we don’t have to sit through obnoxious commercials. Plus its been a great homeschooling resource for us since they’ve started adding more documentaries to their selections.

4. Online Banking. How did I ever live without it? How did I ever pay the bills, considering that it’s rare that I *ever* have a stamp when I need one. I love that I can log into my bank account and pay bills whenever I need too. And considering that I’m terrible about balancing my checkbook, I love that I can check my balances in a heartbeat. lol….

DS’s 3rd birthday is coming up next week. We are having a small party here at home, but I’m at a total loss for what to do with the kids.  There will only be about 5 kids total, including DS. I’d like to have *something* for them to do during the party, other than trashing my house. Lol! Any ideas, suggestions or websites for me to check out?

DD’s volunteer mission was called off due to rain. Hopefully by next week there will be a break in the rain long enough for them to finish up the houses they were painting. However, considering that it has rained at least 3 times a day all week so far, it’s not looking like we’re going to dry out any time soon.


3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Good for you on the photos! I’ve been thinking about doing that as well so I’m curious what you think once you get them back!

    I’m with you on the rain, I’m in N Tx too. It’s so nice not to be withering in the heat BUT I’m soooooo tired of driving in it! Our yard is so overgrown (rather than the normal late June – Aug crispy brown), and every time hubby is home to mow…it’s raining! lol 🙂

  2. Hey! It’s me again! For your DS’s party… bubble blowing is great, especially for that age group. Squirt guns are always a big hit too… be sure to tell the moms to bring the children in clothes that are ok to get messy! Good luck with the party.

  3. I didn’t know you were doing so much photo sorting. Is this so that you can have all of your older photos in digital format? Is that pricey? Just wondering… I have a bunch of old photos and I don’t know if I should scan them all myself or send them out.

    I also LOVE online banking. And, we just signed up for a free trial month of Netflix. I’m not sure it’s going to work very well for us. We’ve had the movies here since Wed and haven’t had a chance to even watch at one of them yet.

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