Late Sunday Night

Best: I finally have the birthday plan settled. We convinced DS to have a “Thomas” themed party, and stocked up on party decorations. DH will be making DS’s birthday cake in “Thomas” colors. He loves having any excuse to make a cake. Those Wilton classes he took are sure coming in handy!

I was debating between having an indoor or outdoor party. Usually I wouldn’t even consider having it outside in July, in Texas. But We’ve had so much rain that the temperatures have been pretty nice! Except that the bugs have also been enjoying the wet weather, and you can barely walk out the door without being attacked by a swarm of blood thirsty insects. Yuck!

So, I’ve decided to do indoor things after all. Part of his birthday present is a pop-up playhouse with tunnels. He already has a pop-up car, so we’ll break those out for the party. I figure between those, and DS’s train table in his room, that they should have a pretty good time. And if they get bored, I’ll just give them cake and ice cream and send them home. Lol….

Worst: Hmmm…I don’t really have anything. I guess the worst thing is that I have to get up really early Monday morning to take DD out to finish painting houses, and for me to take a fasting blood glucose test. I am *not* a morning person by nature. I am very much a night owl, and even the thought of waking up before 7 am makes me feel exhausted. :mrgreen:

Weirdest: We caught a gecko in the living room. Actually, it wasn’t all that weird because they live on our front porch. But usually they either get squished when we open the door (that always makes me so sad), or they scurry into the house, never to be seen again. That wouldn’t bother me too much except I worry about the cats or dogs getting to them. Nothing like stepping on a dead lizard in the middle of the night.

Usually the little buggers are so fast that we can’t catch them. But I was able to get this one, and DS was really fascinated by it. He helped me put it outside in the bushes, and we talked about being gentle with them, and making sure to put animals in their habitat.


2 thoughts on “Late Sunday Night

  1. YIKES… a gecko in the house (LOL)! I wouldn’t do well in your neck of the woods.

    Your dd is painting house? Is this a summer job or something?

    Ugh.. about the blood tests. Hope it went ok.

  2. AAKKK!!! A LIZARD IN THE HOUSE???? This is a regular thing for you? I’d freak out! Lizards are okay outside, I mean they are helpful little creatures, but I don’t want one to jump on me. Or scurry across my path. Or be under my bare foot. (shudder) Just thinking about MANY lizards being in my house, lurking about, ready to pounce on my unsuspecting, sleeping self gives me the heebie-jeebies!

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