Miscellaneous Monday

Best: My doctor decided not to do the blood glucose test today.

I had the first test in April, and my blood sugar level was 128, which is in the pre-diabetes range. For a month I worked really hard at changing my eating patterns and exercising. At the second test (fasting) my levels dropped to 93. Since then I’ve lost a total 35 pounds, and I’m not having any other health issues. So my Doc decided to put the test off for another two months.

Worst: I’ve lost my scrapping mojo. I don’t really know why…but when I finally get time to scrap, I’m totally uninspired. I have a bazillion photos that have never been scrapped, and lots of memories I want to be sure to capture before they slip away. But when I sit down at the computer, all I want to do is get back off. *sigh*

Weirdest: Rubbing a vinegar/cornstarch mixture on my legs.

We went for a walk tonight after dinner, and despite wearing our citronella bands, we got eaten alive. I must have had 15-20 bites on my legs! DS only had one. I think that’s because he’s only three feet tall, and his band gave him “whole body” protection. DH and I were eaten alive on our legs. We were wearing our bands on our wrists.

Anyway, I have this neat book called “Vim and Vinegar,” and its chocked full of ideas for using vinegar around the home. I found a recipe for insect bites using vinegar and cornstarch combined as a paste. It reminded me a lot of GAK (Oobleck, Flubber). Anyway, you rub the paste onto the stings and let it dry. It’s supposed to help pull out the poison and relieve the itching.

Amazingly, it worked! The mosquito bites aren’t the least bit itchy any more! I actually missed a few the first time around, but I quickly located them because they were the only itchy spots left on my legs. I can’t even see the bumps or swelling anymore. Kewl!


One thought on “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. Maybe the scrapbook challenge will help? I’m sorry. It’s NO fun when you aren’t inspired.

    Vim and Vinegar.. that sounds like a book I should get for my mom. She’s ALWAYS talking about vinegar being good for this thing or that thing.

    GREAT job (make that EXCELLENT work) on losing the 35 pounds!

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