Tackle It Tuesday

Join Us For Tackle It Tuesday! We’re making housework blog-able! Each week on Tuesday, we are posting before and after pictures of a project or trouble area that we tackled this week. Find out more about Tackle It Tuesday here.

I have soooo much that needs to be Tackled, but since I’m throwing a birthday party for DS this weekend, I decided to stick with the public areas of the house. Today I picked the window seat in the kitchen. It’s a tiny little area, but a huge hotspot for everyone in the house. It makes our tiny dinning area look really cluttered.

Look at all that junk! Most of this stuff ends up here because it’s either in transit (like the bday gifts for my niece and nephew), or just doesn’t really have a home (like the file box of coupons.)

Here it is after! Doesn’t it look so much nicer?! (Except for the fact that the wooden seat itself needs some carpentry work, but we’ll ingnore that for now.) And it only took just a few minutes to clean up. Ahhhh…I’m breathing easier already. 🙂

Here is another view, a few feet back with more of the dinning area included. The whole area is only 9×9, so it’s pretty tiny. Doesn’t the window seat look so lovely and clean?

Oh wait…. What’s all that stuff on the table? 😯 It looks familiar…. kinda like the stuff that was on the window seat. Um…you weren’t supposed to see that. (I guess the next thing I tackle today will be the table!)


12 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday

  1. LOL! I find that if I’m not careful I’ll just move stuff around for the sake of a good photo (LOL)…. or just to quickly make one area look better, but I still haven’t dealt with the mess. I’m working really hard on trying to just handle things once (twice if absolutely necessary) so I don’t get bogged down being a shuffler of stuff.

  2. LOL – a great example of we call “churning” just moving stuff around instead of actually finding homes for it! That is so funny that you staged it! : )

    Looks to me like you need a storage unit somewhere! but I understand that’s a small room. Good Luck with it!

  3. LOL! Careful – you end up moving stuff around so much that you won’t have time to tackle another area! I do the same thing – park this here for next time I go to that room, leave that here until the baby wakes up, put this on the stairs until the next time I need to go UP them . . . guess I’m lazy after all 🙂

  4. LOL! When I clean off the kitchen counter most of the stuff goes into the bedroom office area and clutters things there.

    Thanks for the comment. I updated my tackle with an actual picture of the finished planter.

  5. ROFL!!! I do the same thing… my hubby calls me a “shuffler”.

    I participated in my first Tackle, but my pictures were less than stellar… so they’re not being posted quite yet.

    Have a great party!!

  6. How funny! Sorry you had to “zoom out” there and show us the full picture. We were all very impressed for a little bit. 🙂 What program are you using to add words to your picture (in the before shot)?

  7. sincerelyanna

    Oh my gosh, that was funny! Hey, I love that window seat!
    And wow! Rubik’s Cubes?? That takes me back!

  8. Kristine/SHS

    When dh cleans up, he puts everything on the kitchen table. That drives me nuts, and I make little stacks of it on the counter to clear off the table. Which drives him nuts, and . . . well, you get the idea!

    And yes, I love the fireworks header too!

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