Tackle It Tuesday

Join Us For Tackle It Tuesday! We’re making housework blog-able! Each week on Tuesday, we are posting before and after pictures of a project or trouble area that we tackled this week. Find out more about Tackle It Tuesday here.

Not much to report for today. I took down all of the July 4th and birthday party decorations finally. My big tackle for the day was paying bills. Whoo-hoo. lol..

I have my own system that is part file folders, part spread sheets, and part online banking. It took me a while to create something that was easy enough for me to use (read: there’s a reason why I never became an accountant), but organized enough that DH could manage it in a pinch.

Basically, the bills get put into folders by month. Then at the first of the month I pay everything that is due at the beginning of the month…which is pretty much everything. lol…  I used to struggle terribly with figuring out how to pay the big bills like mortgage, and still have money left over for groceries. Finally, I figured out that if I took half of the amount of the bill from each paycheck, and move it to a seperate account, that come the first of the month the money would be available. (I’m sure there are some of you who are saying “well, duh!” But trust me, math was never my strong subject.)

I track spending using a great FREE excel spreadsheet that I found HERE. ExcelGeek’s spreadsheet has been a total and complete Godsend for me. Not only does it allow me to budget for spending categories, but I can also see when we need to put the brakes on extra spending before the bank account tanks. :mrgreen:

If you visited me during the last Tackle it Tuesday, you may remember I tackled my window seat. I thought I would give you an update, so you wouldn’t be wondering if the junk that moved from the window to the table made it back to the window again.

Ta-da! Both of them are clean! Well, except for my purse and the coupon box. I really can’t figure out a good place for either. But it still looks pretty good, eh? What do you think about the picture though? Does it look kinda high up on the wall to you?


7 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday

  1. The webmaster at It’s Your Money sent me this link to your website… and I’m so glad to hear that you like my little Spending Plan Spreadsheet! Have you tried the Net Worth Spreadsheet? That’s also free. And don’t forget about my Freedom Account workbook… it’s not free… but it will pay for itself a thousand times over with the financial freedom that you gain from using it faithfully. Thanks again… and happy Debt-Proof living…

    Take care & God bless,
    Michael Scherrer

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