Works for me Wednesday

I mentioned this tip a few posts ago, but just in case you missed it I thought I would post it as my “official” WFMW entry.

The mosquitos have been terrible this year because of all the rain. We found these great citronella wrist bands by Bug Off! that have really helped keep the bugs away when we’re outside. But despite our best efforts, we still get bitten pretty often, especially by the stupid mosquitoes that somehow get into my car and feast on us.

I have this neat book called “Vim and Vinegar,” and its chocked full of ideas for using vinegar around the home. I found a recipe for insect bites using vinegar and cornstarch combined as a paste. It reminded me a lot of GAK (Oobleck, Flubber). Anyway, you rub the paste onto the stings and let it dry. It’s supposed to help pull out the poison and relieve the itching.

Amazingly, it worked! The mosquito bites aren’t the least bit itchy any more! I actually missed a few the first time around, but I quickly located them because they were the only itchy spots left on my legs. I can’t even see the bumps or swelling anymore. Kewl! :mrgreen:


5 thoughts on “Works for me Wednesday

  1. We also have lots of mosquitoes this time of the year. We just use the regular old mosquito spray, but some day I suppose I should look into something without DEET in it? I think that’s the thing everyone wants to avoid, right?

  2. Just wanted to say that the “recipe” is just two tbsp of cornstarch, and then add the vinegar in a little at a time until it makes a past. Or you could be impatient like me, and dump it in spoonfuls at a time. lol….

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