Tackle It Tuesday and Comment Contest!

Join Us For Tackle It Tuesday! We’re making housework blog-able! Each week on Tuesday, we are posting before and after pictures of a project or trouble area that we tackled this week. Find out more about Tackle It Tuesday here.

In the spirit of simplicity and clutter free living, I’m hosting a comment contest! You get the prize, and my house gets decluttered. Simply leave a comment today (07/17) on this post, and you will be entered in a drawing to receive a (gently used) book of your choice! PLEASE be sure to leave your email when you fill out the comment form so I can contact you when you WIN!

The winner will get to choose one of the following (gently used) books: The Financially Confident Woman by Mary Hunt, Decorating on a Shoestring by Ellis and Janssen, or Digital Scrapbooking by Beacham and Davis.

On to today’s tackle. Although there are rooms in my house that need a LOT more work than this one, I’ve decided that this week I’m going to work on DS’s playroom. It’s really supposed to be his bedroom/playroom, but since he thinks MY bed is HIS bed, it’s pretty much just a storage room for toys. *sigh*

BEFORE: As you can see, there are toys, clothes and junk everywhere. Check back later this afternoon for a follow up photo! And don’t forget to enter my comment contest!

AFTER: I put away all the clothes sitting on the dresser. Put away the toys, (some are finding new homes too!), and vacuumed the floor. I finally decided it was time for the changing table to go too. I like it because it’s the perfect hight for changing DS, but since I’m going to start potty training him soon, it was time for it to go. I also took down the shutters from the window. The room is dark anyway because of the tree just outside the window, but I also have never really liked the shutters much. I give the room only about 30 minutes before it’s trashed again.


15 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday and Comment Contest!

  1. Heather in Michigan

    Best of wishes with cleaning your DS’s playroom. My DS9 & DD7 are having “room rescue” time right now:)

  2. I wish you could come de-clutter my daughter’s old bedroom room… looks worse than this! LOL she is moving rooms and now she is tired of moving stuff!

  3. Good job on cleaning up the toy room…. I think toys are the WORST thing to organize…. they are ALWAYS getting them out. Why do kids have to PLAY so much? (LOL).

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