A Very Bloggy Giveaway!

It’s the Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway! Shannon, of Rocksinmydryer, came up with this idea and it’s going to be a blast! There are a bunch of bloggers that will be GIVING AWAY great stuff this week! Make sure and stop by Shannon’s blog to check out the Mr. Linky links to all the sites that are participating.

I am holding a drawing for a brand stinking new copy of “Altered Books Workshop.” This book shows you how to transform old books into one-of-a-kind pieces of art! In this book, you receive detailed instructions for the newest craft craze–altered books–which combines bookmaking, collage, journaling, rubber stamping, papercrafting, stitching, embellishing and much more.

All you gotta do is leave a single comment (duplicates will be deleted) telling me what your favorite hobby is, and your general location (state or country). It will be fun to learn more about you! You must provide a valid e-mail address, but you do not have to have a blog. International participants are welcome.

I’ll be collecting comments through until Thursday night at midnight (CST). On Friday, July 27th I’ll hold the drawing and announce the winner! Good luck and thanks for playing!

(If you want to host your own giveaway at your blog, and link up with our fun little carnival, please read through the guidelines HERE .)


133 thoughts on “A Very Bloggy Giveaway!

  1. very nice of you!!

    my favourite hobby would be digiscrapping. i’m addicted to it! second favourite would be cardmaking. I live in ontario canada

    good luck to everyone!

  2. Hi Jen! Can I play too? I’m from the Philippines and one of my favorite hobbies is digital scrapbooking of course πŸ™‚

  3. Very nice prize! I live in upstate NY. Love scrapbooking, when the creative juices are flowing, and reading, when they’re not.

  4. oh wow – cool book – altered art is something I would love to try but haven’t been brave enough yet!!

    My hobbies are digital scrapbooking ( and some paper scrapbooking and card making) and I love photography. I live in the very wet (at the moment!!) South of England!!

  5. My hobbies are designing and sewing children’s clothes, reading and trying new crafts. Transforming old books sounds very interesting. I’m in the Southern Louisiana area.

  6. My favorite hobbies would be scrapbooking and other paper crafts such as card making and altered anything! I’ve never done an altered book like that your giveaway teaches and think it would be an awesome addition to my crafty ideas! I need all the help I can get! I’m in South Louisiana.

  7. Trina

    My hobbies are vacationing, photography, photoshop, and digiscrapping; in that order! I hail out of Aurora, Illinois! I would love to read about book altering though the thought of cutting up a book is shocking to me!

  8. I saw this on the DIY Network and thought it looked so interesting. Please count me in.
    My favorite hobby, today, would be crocheting. I am a newbie at it, but I can’t seem to put the crochet hook down here in the Carolinas.

  9. Nicole

    I have a lot of hobbies I love, but the latest hobby I’ve tried, and my current favourite, is knitting. I live in Canada.

  10. Oh, how I would love to win this book. I’ve been doing some research on altered books and would love to give it a try. My favorite hobby right now is making Ribbonlicious Bag Tags and Bible Bookmarks…and creating new designs in Photoshop. Visit my blog to see what I’m giving away!


  11. Oh I’d love that book – what fun!! My favorite hobby is web design but I like to dabble in real crafts every now and then – no favorite in particular but I’ve done a bit of everything.

  12. Oh I would love this! I scrapbook & have always wanted to do altered books, just never got around to looking it. This book would be a great jump start. If you scrapbook, I’m giving away an idea book in my contest πŸ™‚

  13. Julia

    Please enter me. My favorite hobbies are reading, cooking and scrapbooking (although I haven’t kept up with my books in a while).

  14. Anastasia

    I’m in Iowa πŸ˜€

    My favorite hobby is… the internet? πŸ™‚ I love being connected online and hainvg accesss to sooooo many different things all at once πŸ™‚

  15. Favorite hobby… reading, I think… although there are actually many things I enjoy. I’m in Idaho, and would love to be entered in your drawing.

  16. this book looks fantastic!! i like to spend time w/ my 5 children doing art and crafts with them and in my spare time (ha ha) i like to monogram items for gifts for friends and family. i’m in Sweet Home Alabama.

  17. Cool book. My favorite hobby right now is sewing.. but I’ve been on a find-another-hobby kick this summer, and this would be a great one to add!

  18. Karen

    WOW! I love your site!
    My favorite hobby right now? Scrapbooking and finding neat craft ideas for my first daughters wedding!
    Keep up the GREAT work!

  19. Amy C

    Amy all the way down in Australia here! My fave hobby is sewing followed by coming up with new uses for old things so this is great. πŸ™‚

  20. I’m a Mainer (or, perhaps, a Mainiac) and my favorite hobby is cake-decorating/scrapbooking/cross-stitching/bass-playing/fishing/hunting/gardening/crafting/singing/blogging(duh)/cooking/reading/acting/tole-painting/writing.

  21. ericaflower

    Please enter me into the drawing!
    I was fascinated the first time I saw a book like this, and it would be so fun to actually try those projects πŸ™‚
    Oh–I’m from Virginia and my favorite hobby would be either reading or drinking tea!

  22. A fabulous giveaway!!! Please enter my name in your draw:-) Thank you!! My favourite hobby is collecting celebrity autographed photos:-) I’m in Northern Ontario Canada!! xo

  23. If I won, I might actually give this to a friend. She loves old books and she’s much more crafty than I.

    Thanks for entering me!

  24. OH.WOW. This would be right up my alley! Yay! My favorite hobby is a tie between reading and scrapbooking/cardmaking, so this would be a perfect prize for a girl from Oklahoma.

  25. simone

    Hello I am from Nebraska and I love to do mosaic work in the Shabby Chic look and design kids overalls.

  26. Hi. My hobby is Miniatures. Making, buying, selling them. I started in 1″ = 1′ scale; but now work mostly in 1/4″ = 1′ scale.
    You can see some of them here: http:community.webshots.com/user/chiliburger2005
    I live in Spokane, WA.

  27. My current hobby/obsession is parenting. That is, learning how to do it without screwing up my kids forever, in spite of the way I was parented πŸ˜‰ It’s a weird hobby, I realize, but I’ve become passionate about it over the last couple of years.

    Oh, and I’m in Utah.


  28. sincerelyanna

    My hobby is scrapbooking and doodling all over the pages, spending about 3 hours per page. I’m about 2 years behind, would you believe it??? πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance to win – this book looks really cool!

  29. I’m in NJ, and my favorite hobby used to be baking, but now it’s photography. Oh, or painting. Oh, or……….
    That book looks really, really cool. If I don’t win, I’m going to buy it!

  30. I enjoy reading and working with plastic canvas. I know a few people who do altered trading cards and since I admire their work, I would like to learn more about altering.
    I hail from central Virginia.

  31. I don’t have a fave right now, I am exploring it all! I like to collage and make art quilts. I play with Angelina fibers, and oil paintsticks. I have just started researching altered books- haven’t done one yet, but I have the gesso am ready to go!

    My hunny built me an art studio in our basement, because he knows I get crabby if I don’t create.
    I live in an old farmhouse in Western WA.

  32. Wow! It’s like Christmas in July! Thanks to all of the wonderful bloggers that are participating in this great give-away!!!
    Check out the Christian paper artists group on yahoo!

  33. Count me in! What a fablous giveaway! I do just about every craft out there. I’m in Northwestern Louisiana.

    Great blog…I’m bookmarking it so that I can come back later. πŸ˜‰

    Come on over to check out my giveaway.

  34. Linda SS

    My hobbies include cardmaking & paper crafting; attending the theatre; and spoiling my 3 little grandkiddies. What a great book! Please enter me:)

  35. Dawn

    My favorite hobby would have to be sewing or wood refinishing. I love them both. I live in Nebraska, but I just moved here last month from Colorado!

  36. Wooohoooooo! If I win it will be a dream coming true.That book looks AWESOME!!!

    I LOVE rubber stamping, card making, scrapping, reading, daydreaming, doing yoga and going for long walks. I live in Morocco, far far away from the US.And there are NO scrap stores around here, not even a crafting store in my hometown.:-(

  37. Andrea

    Hobbies are to many but Ill tell you my weirdest one is cleaning especially others houses weird huh!

    I love to scrapbook or anything to do with pictures as well.

    Texan Mommy

  38. My hobbies include collecting scrapbooking supplies, rubber stamping supplies, oh, yeah…I like to scrapbook and stamp, too. But collecting the supplies has taken on a life of its own!

    Please enter me for this…thank you!

  39. My favorite hobby is actually jewelry making, but this book sounds too interesting to not enter the contest! Thanks for letting me enter!

  40. Emme

    From “deep in the heart of Texas” I can honestly say that my favorite hobby is …..whatever I happen to be working on at the moment. I think learning to transform books could easly become my favorite between now and Christmas.

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