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Join Us For Tackle It Tuesday! We’re making housework blog-able! Each week on Tuesday, we are posting before and after pictures of a project or trouble area that we tackled this week. Find out more about Tackle It Tuesday here.

In the spirit of simplicity and clutter free living, I’m hosting a comment contest! You get the prize, and my house gets decluttered. Simply leave a comment on this post, and you will be entered in a drawing to receive a brand new copy of the book “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey.

All you’ve gotta do is leave a single comment (duplicates will be deleted) telling me your best decluttering tip. You must provide a valid e-mail address, but you do not have to have a blog.

I’ll be collecting comments through Thursday night at midnight (CST). On Friday, July 27th I’ll hold the drawing using a random number generator and announce the winner! Good luck and thanks for playing!

Unfortunately I don’t really have any before pictures for today. However I do have an “in progress” photo to share.

I’m soooo tired of all the clutter and junk around my house. At first we were holding on to stuff because we’re all pack rats. Then we rationalized it by saying we were saving it all for a yard sale. (Baaaahahhahahahhaa!) Seven years later and we STILL haven’t had that yard sale!

I’ve actually prayed about this, and decided that instead of being self-centered (I want money for my stuff), I felt lead to give it away and bless others. We’ve struggled financially for so long, that giving it all away for free (and some really great stuff too!) was a much harder decision to make than I’d like to admit. *sigh*

However, the truth is that there are people all over the world struggling even more than my family, and once I made the decision, it actually became fun to gather things up! This pile is stuff just from my bedroom. UGH!

I joined our local Freecyle list and have been posting away all day. I’m hoping to get this stuff (and more) out of the house ASAP. My ultimate goal is to turn my bedroom from junk yard to an oasis of peace. Or at least as close as I can get to it in our tiny house. lol….


14 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday and Comment Contest!

  1. This is a great idea! I have heard of Freecycle but haven’t checked it out yet.

    A contest! Cool! I don’t remember for sure where I read this, but one thing that helps with decluttering, which goes against my packrat tendencies, is to ask myself some questions: What will happen if I get rid of this? How much will it cost to replace it I ever decide to? Will it do more good being a blessing to someone else now rather than sitting in my closet or attic? Will it soon be out of style or unusable (I’ve wrestled with this with kids’ videos — I’d love to save some for grandkids but don’t know if there will even be VCRs by then or if the tapes will hold up that long, so better to give them to someone who can use them now.)


  2. Thanks for visiting MY Tackle it Tuesday post and inviting me over to your contest.
    As for the Dave Ramsey book, do you know I’ve given away 3 or 4 as gifts to people who were struggling but I’ve never been able to justify getting one for myself? I’d LOVE the book!
    My best decluttering tip? Hmmmm….it’s a toss up between these two:
    1. Declutter when the kids aren’t home. What they don’t see, they more than likely won’t miss!
    2. Separate the item from the emotions involved (especially the guilt one that says you just CAN’T get rid of it because…..)

  3. y’know – I don’t remember where I got this from recently (I wish I did) but my newest and most effective “decluttering” idea: Take 2 bags and 10 minutes. (The original advice said everyday for a week but I’ve done it on a MWF basis for 2-3 weeks.)

    The first bag? Take 5 minutes and quickly go around your house and find anything you can throw away – papers, mail, broken toys, misc. junk, etc.

    Then, take bag #2 and the other 5 minutes and find as many things that you can give away. It could be to Ebay, Freecycle, Goodwill, whatever. Just get it outta the house! LOL

  4. Love the contest and thanks for the comment!

    I am not one to be giving out advice on de cluttering but here is what I have done and it seems to of helped.

    My Aunt, best friend and I have 1-2 yard sales in the summer so I keep a tote easily accessible for all the yard sale items that I find during spring cleaning or going through closets and dressers getting ready for the next season(whatever and whenever I may find it, basically) In the tote I keep a pen and yard sale stickers. I price the item that I intend to sale, put it along with the stickers and pen back into the tote and go on my merry way:) I find it is easy, and fast and it prevents me running around pricing things a day before the sale!

    OOOO tip # 2
    Freecycle-I bag items together and/or have them in a box on the floor of my closet. They are out of the way while they are waiting to be claimed or given to their new home. Go through the box monthly to see what needs to be reposted.

    Happy Tackle It Tuesday!

  5. I don’t really have a great decluttering tip. I kind of wait until I can’t take it anymore then anything that isn’t nailed down goes to charity. I do this at least 2 times a year.
    I do it every season in my closet. If I haven’t worn it or if I didn’t wear it last season out it goes.
    Thanks for visiting and for inviting me to your contest!

  6. Hey, thanks for stopping by my place! My best tip is to do it in small increments. It is easy to get overwhelmed if you try to do the whole house at once, but if you do a tiny section its pretty do-able. Also, if you have stuff for Goodwill, IMMEDIATELY take it to the car and get it to Goodwill ASAP. If you don’t, you might be tempted to take some back in the house…..
    Good luck, the in progress pic looks great!

  7. Oooh! I want that book!

    Let’s see…the best decluttering tip I have is go to FlyLady.net and check her out. If I gave you any original tips you would probably have a bigger problem.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the invitation to come to your give away! Hope to see you on my blog soon!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog with an invitation to comment. You need to go back over to my place and read some of my SMART Habit Saturday posts because then you would have known better than to ask for a decluttering tip from me 🙂

    It’s hard, but I’ve found for me that breaking it down into small areas helps (like a drawer or a cabinet or even a closet – just not MY closet :). Otherwise, the decluttering task seems overwhelming and I give up before I start. It helps me if I can see lots of progress along the way.

    The other thought I had is for women – I firmly believe that hormones play a role in being able to toss stuff. If you’re more emotionally engaged, forget being able to get rid of anything! Wait until your hormones are at bay and you can get rid of lots more 🙂

    These tips . . . . I don’t know . . . I guess that’s why my house is still cluttered 🙂

  9. After cleaning out my pantry, I have a few things to put on Freecycle…I love it!!

    One of the things that helps me most with organizing/cleaning is to do a little each day. I break it down into sections and go from there. I might do my kitchen on Monday, bathrooms on Tuesday, etc… Doing that keeps my house in pretty good shape. There are some things that I call my everyday things (picking up toys, washing dishes, etc…). Typically if I do the small areas on the day I have set aside, then it only takes me about 30 minutes to get it done. Then I have time to do little projects around the house….like cleaning out the pantry :-)!!

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  11. Hi Jen

    I have that exact book on my bookshelf so I’m not commenting for the book.

    I couldn’t resist when you asked for a decluttering tip; after all, I am the Organising Queen 🙂

    My best tip is one in, one out. Or more out if you can. If you buy 3 new t-shirts, give 3 away. This is the best way I keep my house constantly decluttered because Lord knows we buy stuff every week, don’t we?

    The way I do it is I have a box (old paper box for 5 reams of paper) in my laundry area (you can have it anywhere) and I toss things in there regularly as I go around my house. I get rid of this box of stuff once a week and I liked the previous commenter’s idea of putting it in your car straightaway.

    I don’t have a set time for devluttering – I just automatically do it all the time. It’s such a habit so I’m always thinking, “what can go to someone else?”

    hope you liked this and thanks for asking me to play 🙂

  12. Thanks for calling in. The best tip I have for de-cluttering is to send my husband over to you! He’s RUTHLESS!!!!

    He de-clutters our home much better than me and leaves me to look through what he’s about to throw out. He also cleans as he goes… 🙂

  13. Let’s see. I need to do major decluttering in the garage (afraid to go in there right now). I try to pare things down in the kids’ rooms. I use Rubbermaid containers and label the bins so the children can put things away themselves. When they were little, I drew pictures on the labels so they could help with the picking up.

    I sorted through my recipes recently and threw away bags of ones I’ll never use. The rest I organized into folders by type. I’ve been using my breakfast one all summer and even took it with me on vacation.

  14. lauraw68

    Take one room at a time, box it up… do the flylady fling boogie (toss it into the box without giving it a second thought).

    Don’t hold onto something “:for just in case”… like a skirt that you will wear again if you lose weight… (hypothetically speaking)… that skirt is more likely to be thread bare by the time you are able to wear it, out of style, or you just won’t like it anymore… TOSS IT!!

    Do you really need all those nick nack sitting around gathering dust? I didn’t… I went through the house doing the fling and I kid you not we took 4 van loads of stuff out of this house. clothes, toys, shoes, nick nacks, you name it.

    I honestly could do another fling. LOL

    Don’t neglect the kitchen cabinets either…. do you really need umpteen margarine bowls for leftover? Nope… keeps about 6 and get rid of the rest…. you can always replenish if need be.

    Pare down your linen closet. If you do laundry more than once a week, you honestly don’t need 5 sets of sheets for one bed… now obviously if you are like me with children, you will need to have a few extra sets on hands in case of accidents.

    Purge those magazines. Get rid of out of date ones. Bless a nursing home or V.A. hospital with them.

    ok… I’ll be back if I can remember more. 🙂


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