And We’re Live!

The Homeschool Bloggy Giveaway is LIVE and it’s going to be a blast! There are a bunch of bloggers that will be GIVING AWAY great stuff this week! Make sure check out the Mr. Linky links to all the sites that are participating.

I am holding a drawing for a nearly new set of The Christy Miller Series of books by Focus on the Family. Beginning with fourteen-year-old Christy’s commitment to Christ, this series follows her high school years as she grows in her walk with the Lord. Throughout, Christy learns about friendship, dating, responsibility, Christ’s faithfulness, and God’s reward for obedience. She has become a role model and close friend for thousands around the world. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

All you have to do is leave a single comment (duplicates will be deleted) and your best tip for managing preschoolers during school time. You must provide a valid e-mail address, but you do not have to have a blog. International participants are welcome.

I’ll be collecting comments through until Thursday night at midnight (CST). On Friday, August 10th I’ll hold the drawing and announce the winner! Good luck and thanks for playing!

(If you want to host your own giveaway at your blog, and link up with our fun little carnival, please read through the guidelines HERE .)


18 thoughts on “And We’re Live!

  1. Liz

    Handle your preschoolers with duct tape.
    And you wouldn’t necessarily have to duct tape them all together, if you didn’t want to end up in jail or on the evening news.
    You could just give them a brightly colored roll & a cardboard box & let them go to town. Older p’schoolers could tear or cut it themselves (unless you have a child like mine who uses scissors as a weapon of mass destruction) but what’s more likely to happen is that the actually should-be-schooling children will come running when they sense duct tape & then they’ll ALL be involved & you can just go to your room & eat M&Ms.
    Problem solved, right?

  2. Renee

    Dealing with preschoolers? It’s been a few years since I had to do that….. one idea my mom gave me was to let them play in the kitchen sink. I would put down towels on the floor and push a chair or stool close so preschooler could reach. Fill sink (well not actually full) with water (and bubbles if desired), add a few toys (measuring cups work great) and let them enjoy.


  3. Merri

    Have a variety of educational toys/games/activities for your toddler that he can do during the school day and be a “part” of the student body. Jump Start Toddler and Jump Start Preschool was a fun computer game for my little ones to play and get to know how to operate the computer. I also had a lot of Leap Frog products. Walmart has a bunch of items in tubs that can be used for teaching (and for fun). 20 piece puzzles are a good start for toddlers. I have seen 3 and 4 year olds master these puzzles so they CAN do it and they often love the challenge.

    Create little “centers” with different activities in each place. Have them spend 20 minutes in a center and then move on to the next. OR…I had a little rug that each of my little ones had and they picked out what they were going to do and they had to play on their rug. When they wanted something different, they picked up what they had and brought their new item(s) to the rug. The rugs also came in handy during reading time because it kept my little ones from being too close to one another and kept their hands and feet off of one another. These rugs became their “school rug.”

  4. Dawn

    We have my four year old niece with us quite a bit. so we are homeschooling a preschooler. At the beginning of the school day, we have her sit at the table with us for prayer and Bible readings. Each day, I have a little something in her folder for her to do. Usually it is a few coloring pages, sometimes it is a craft or paper to cut. When she has completed her work and gotten a smile face on her chart (accomplished by being quiet for prayer and doing a little “school” work), she “cleans” the kitchen for me. I put on a CD of her favorite music, she gets out her little broom and she sweeps, then she gets her spray bottle of water and “cleans” my windows, the front of the fridge and the front of the oven. When her chores are done, she can get out her special box. In here she has play doh and special markers and paper, some small toys and an occasional suprise from me (thank you dollar section at Target). She must play with this box at her little table in the living room because the big kids are still working in the dining room. As she gets bored, she will wander back to us, so we scoop her up and take turns reading to her, or give her some math blocks to play with. When it gets hectic, I try to take a deep breath and remind myself that how I respond to her will become part of her view of school, and I want it o be positive.

    Hope that helps a bit!

  5. I’m lucky that my little ones want to be a part of the school day. I have a space on our school shelves where I place coloring books, cheap workbooks, drawing paper, and sheets printed from the internet. My girls (both preschool aged) usually get something from that area and do “school” right along with the older kids. During art, they are fully involved. When we do science and reading, they usually come and sit to be a part of it as well. So long as they are wanting to learn, I’m not going to discourage it!

    Melissa D.

  6. Aimeemomof2+

    Whew…this is something I am still trying to get used to! Doing school with a toddler in the house is hard work. We try to cram as much school as possible during nap time….I will check back, maybe I can get a few good tips!

  7. Sheri

    I just so happen to have 2 preschoolers who love to be incorporated into our day. The preschoolers have school right along with us, learning numbers, letters, having story time and having art time (coloring). It doesn’t always work the way I would like, but it gives them a start to learning and structured time.

  8. I keep a box of crayons, coloring books, stamps, glue sticks, kid safe scissors, beads and string, and some fruit snacks or other finger snacks in the box. I pull the box out when we are doing school and hold onto the snacks and let the 2yodd start doing ‘school’. I also have a box of toys that are portable and she brings them to play while we do school.

  9. Michelle

    I am thinking about starting a box a day. In each clear box I would put various activities. For instance, Monday would be play dough using letter cookie cutters. Tuesday would be color sheets and crayons, etc. Having a box for each day would keep it exciting for my little guy…and keep him quite for school!

  10. My tip is one that works well with older preschoolers due to safety concerns. Take a preschooler, a sturdy stool, a bathroom or kitchen sink filled with water and bubbles, and some toys that need washing (especially play dishes) and what do you have? Firstly, a mess, but mostly, lots of entertaining fun that last for a long time. In the end, the kid is clean, the kitchen floor is clean and so are the toys. I can’t think of an activity that my son enjoyed more. Close supervision is recommended which is why I prefer the kitchen sink when we are working at the kitchen table. Plus, the kitchen sink is deeper, which in theory, results in less mess.

    My daughter has been asking for the Christy Miller books for ages now. This would be such a great prize to win for her. I am assuming that my email address can be viewed since it is entered above, otherwise, it is located on my site in the “About” section.

  11. amyswandering

    The favored preschool activity around here is a tub of pompoms (don’t forget the sparkley ones!) a plastic spoon, and a cup. My two year old loves to scoop & dump, and no mess to clean up.

  12. I have never homeschooled preschoolers before, so I dunno…hmm.. valium? Just kidding!!! Well, I know their attention spans are short, so I think maybe giving them rewards when finishing up “work”, then lots of hands on fun learning games such as fingerpainting their letters, counting bubbles, centers such as playing house and learning how to get along with each other..?? does that help? probably not! hahaha! Would love to win the books tho! My daughter would really dig em!

  13. Dorothy

    Little ones don’t distinguish between working, learning and playing. So I find them really easy to incorporate into a day of natural learning. Sorry, that’s not particularly helpful, is it?

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  15. Gigi Lynn

    So far, I’ve been able to do all of my pre-K’s homeschooling during my toddler’s naptime. This year I plan on passing her around to whichever kids don’t need my one-on-one attention, so that she can be kept entertained by the other kids. Hopefully, with seven brothers and sisters, there won’t be a problem!

  16. Debbie

    The only thing I have done is have my 2 older dds tag-team on my little one, since much of our school is done individually. Unfortunately my dds’ idea of watching is to put in a video. Oh well, not very good advice, I’m afraid. This next year is going to be interesting since the 3yo is wanting to give up naps.

  17. April

    Something that worked for me…

    A legos table and chairs with plenty of legos. This was set up in the same room as the olders siblings desks so that we were still all together.

  18. Is it over? Just wondering since I’m just back and home now for a few days… trying to catch up with everyone. So, is it over or should I see about posting something to give away on my blog?

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