Key to Decimals

I am holding a drawing for a new set of Key to Decimals.  Key to Decimals begins with basic concepts and operations on decimals. Then it covers real-world uses of decimals in pricing, sports, metrics, calculators, and science. Includes answer key!

All you have to do is leave a single comment (duplicates will be deleted) and your favorite escape plan when stressed. You must provide a valid e-mail address, but you do not have to have a blog. International participants are welcome.

I’ll be collecting comments through until Thursday night at midnight (CST). On Friday, August 10th I’ll hold the drawing and announce the winner! Good luck and thanks for playing!

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11 thoughts on “Key to Decimals

  1. lovingeveryminute

    When I am REALLY stressed, I leave the kiddos with DH and head to Starbucks ALONE. If I can’t do that, I make everyone take a nap and I hit the tub!

  2. Dawn

    Barnes and Noble. There is good food and drink at Starbucks and all the books I dersire. I use it as a library with snacks. I have been know to take an afternoon when I think I am going to lose my mind, promise hubby that I will do the weeding this weekend, head to Barnes and Noble, grab a drink and snack and sit in the Cafe and read an entire book. Then, I am human again!


  3. Melissa

    I’ll be reading the comments for a good escape plan for stressful times. My usual escape is to get online and read blogs. 🙂

  4. Sheri

    I don’t handle stress very well. I usually shut down and the only way to get beyond it is to sleep. 😦 I need to find some more productive ways to counter stress so I look forward to reading the comments.

  5. I love to set aside some time once every month or so to go out for coffee or lunch with a friend. My husband watches the kids and I am able to spend some mommy time chatting and “debriefing” with another homeschool mom who probably needs the break just as much as I do. It is amazing what just a couple of hours away from home can do for my energy level.

    This weekend out church is hosting a “Runaway Day” for moms. You sign up, but they don’t tell you where you are going. They put you on a bus, drive you to a location (with the advice to bring your camera and spending money), and arrange for a hot lunch. It is going to be sheer bliss for me to get out on my own and meet some new ladies. I can’t wait.

  6. Hmmm. I use several different techniques. I think my favorite is some quiet time in my room with a snack and a good movie.

    A chai frappachino at Starbucks has a nice relaxing effect on me as well.

    My e-mail is webmaster at love2learn dot net


  7. Dorothy

    A day of scrapbooking at my friend’s house. When we talk and laugh and cut and stick we forget everything. It only happens once in a blue moon though…

  8. When I am stressed, I generally go for a long run – 10-12 miles. It is 90 minutes of silence and time for me to reconnect with the Lord. I enjoy the time. If I can’t run, due to injury, I go for a bike ride – my husband just bought me a new one!!! I also try to get away once per month for at least a half a day with the Lord. It does wonders for my mental attitude.


  9. I’m not handling stress well lately. It depends on what kind of stresses I’m dealing with. For the normal day to day stresses of homeschooling and being a parent/wife I like to settle in after everyone’s asleep and enjoy a cup of coffee cuddled up with the Word. Right now, I’m going through some major life crud and I want to go live in a cave. Not very productive or helpful, I’m afraid. ~Yvonne

  10. Gigi Lynn

    If my stress gets too bad, I just walk (sometimes run) out the front door, and don’t come back until I’ve prayed through whatever it is, and am much calmer.

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