Great Activity Calendars

I have found some really great calendars online lately. Although I have several books about activities and ideas to keep kids occupied, sometimes I just need an instant idea.

The iVillage Family Time Calendar has a fun activity for every day of the month! Sometimes it’s a craft, other times it’s a recipe. While most of the activities are pre-teen downwards, I can see teens being willing to participate in some of them if it’s a “family affair.”

For younger kids, I really like the Calendar Station at Preschool Express. At the first of every month I print off a copy of the calendar, and keep it in my red notebook. All I have to do is glance at today’s date and voila, instant idea! Although the site is called Preschool Express, I can see tweaking many of these ideas and using them with older kids. There are lots of great ideas at this site, I highly recommend you take a little time to check out her other stations. is also a great resource for a monthly activity calendar. The ideas on the calendar are definitely for the older child. However, there are so many wonderful printout, craft and activity ideas here, that you are sure to find something for pre-teens downward.

Do you remember RIF (Reading is Fundamental)? They have a website with printable monthly calendars in PDF form. The calendar provides a new reading and writing activity suggestion for every day of the month.

I have found many wonderful ideas and resources at Education World. They also have a “Month of Fun” calendar with links to puzzles, games or crafts. They also list the grade level with the activity, which is helpful. Unfortunately, this isn’t a calendar that you’d probably print out for an offline resource, but it’s still very useful.

Finally, if you ever wanted to know stuff like “National Whatsit Month” or “Dinosaur Day,” then the Everything Preschool calendar is just for you! It doesn’t give you activity ideas, but it does tell you what the holidays, events and observances are for each month. It’s kind of amazing to see all the different events like “Work like a Dog Day,” or “National Apple Week.” Or my personal favorite, “Mosquito Awareness Weekend.” (I’m pretty darn aware of those buggers every time I walk out the door!)

Do you know of any great calendar resources? Share them in the comments section!


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