Heat Exhaustion

I was taking DD to her college class during rush hour traffic this am, when I hit a big chunk of concrete on the service road. I immediately blew out my tire, but I was right next to the exit ramp for the highway, and couldn’t stop. I had to drive my van about 100 feet before I could get out of the way of traffic.

We were stopped in the middle of two exits, and tried to hike towards one so that we could get out of the heat. I had to carry my 3yo, and DD was blazing the trail through the waist high brush. We got about halfway to the exit with three undercover SUVs pulled up along side us.

One of the officers got out and talked with us about what happened. They drove us back to my van, and changed my tire. (That sounds quick and easy, but we were out in the sun for an hour or more.) I started feeling faint waiting for the officers to finish. (They were federal officers. I’ve been trying to figure out what branch. US Marshall’s? Hmmmm…)

I was able to drive the van to the next exit where there was a Sam’s Club. I thought I would feel better once I got inside, but I kept feeling worse and worse. Light headed, dizzy, nauseous, and hot. DH showed up, and he and DD kept telling me I looked pale and red all at the same time. (I saw myself in the bathroom mirror. I looked really bad.) I was having a hard time thinking and talking coherently.

We had to leave DD at Sam’s with 3yo DS while DH took me to the ER. We couldn’t get the carseat out of my van because the tire people had it up on the lift. The Sam’s people were sweet and took DD and DS to a break room with a tv so DD didn’t have to worry about chasing DS all over the store.

DH took me to the ER, and once I was admitted, he went back to Sam’s to pick up the kids and take them home….then back to the ER for me. Fortunately by that time I was feeling somewhat better.  When I got home, I realized that DD had a touch of heat exhaustion too. But she said she was feeling much better.

DS is the only one who came out of the whole ordeal relatively unscathed. Although the poor little guy didn’t have anything to eat until DH got him home. I wasn’t able to give him breakfast before we left the house, and he was really hungry.

All in all in turned out okay, but I feel awful that DD missed her second day of class at the college. I’m hoping her instructor won’t penalize her too much.


7 thoughts on “Heat Exhaustion

  1. Ron & Coralyn

    Good luck with the potty training. Frank was trained when he was a little over 2 yrs old. The girls were trained by 2 yrs old. We had those old cloth diapers….so there was a bigger incentive to get them trained…

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