Happy Birthday to ME!

Wahoo! I’m looking forward to my birthday. It’s going to be a bit of a crazy morning, but I think it will be fun.

First thing in the morning I have to run DD down to her college class, then back to my town for my first MOPS meeting of the season. Then *back* down after that to pick DD up, and back home again for lunch. *whew!* I have no idea what DH and the kids have planned for the rest of the day, but I am looking forward to the MOPS meeting because I’ll get free food (Yummy!), valet parking at the church (sponsored by the Men’s Ministry), and 3 hours of no kids. (Yippee!)


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to ME!

  1. Happy birthday! Hope you had a great rest of the day. What fun things did your family do for you?

    Your MOPS group sounds awesome. I’m pretty sure ours doesn’t offer valet parking (LOL) and so far they’re really struggling to find anyone to watch the kids this year since there isn’t any $$ in their budget for childcare….

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