Oh Happy Day!

I’m so excited for my DD, she finally got her Driver’s Permit! (Of course, I’m also terrified at the thought of her *driving.* Yipes!)

Credits HERE.


6 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

  1. CUTE layout! Love the keys. I cried the first time our oldest drove off without us after she got her REAL license. It only took ONE day to get over it though! From then on I’ve LOVED having an extra driver and I’m really going to miss her when she moves out next week!

  2. Way to go! We are currently working through Module 1 and hoping to get a permit next week or so….I’ve never seen such a strict state for getting a permit in all our moves. LOL

    Am at the library working on lesson plans and such for the week – can’t remember the preschool website I was going to use and am hoping I can find a link on your blog.LOL

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