Abandoned. Yup, that pretty much sums it up. I’ve not posted anything for so long the blog is practically dusty. I don’t know what happened, I just got out of the habit I guess. Lets see if I can sum up the last few weeks without boring you to tears. lol….

My Birthday

It was a great day. I had my first MOPS meeting of the year in the morning, and DH and the kids took me out for dinner in the evening. I received lots of lovely gifts from family, including a fantastic little pocket camera from DH and DD.  I love my fancy DSLR Rebel XT, but I don’t like lugging it around all the time. DH and DD got me this tiny pocket camera so I could still take photos whenever I wanted.

I love that it has the movie feature too. I’ve missed that the most, because the DSLR doesn’t have that capability, and I like taking “spur of the moment” videos.  (Especially when they annoy my teen. lol!)

(I haven’t been able to figure out why we have such pained expressions on our faces. Must be because we were hungry. lol!)

Cubbies and Youth Group 

Wednesdays have become incredibly busy for us. DD has her ASL college class in the morning, and Youth Group at our church in the evening. At the exact same time, DS has Awana Cubbies at a totally different church. Both kids really love what they are doing, so it sometimes means a bit of juggling for DH and I in the transportation department.

DS has really been enjoying Cubbies. I wish I had known about it when DD was little, I think she would have really liked it too. It seems like all DS can do is talk about going all week long. I’m glad he likes it, and I think it’s been good for him to be around kids his age. And gosh, he looks so darn cute in his vest!


Saturday is our usually “run around like crazy people” day. DD has fencing (Although she hasn’t let me take any pictures so far this year. I’m waiting until her guard is down…then I’ll sneak in and snap a few.) DS also goes to our local Michael’s craft store for the kid projects. I don’t know what he likes best, Ms. Tanya the instructor, the other kids, or the crafts. He is the youngest kid there, however. The projects are really for kids 5 and up, but they let us do them anyway because he loves doing them so much.


We’ve had fun trying on costumes too. DS looked adorable in this one (pictured below), but we ended up going with something else. (Yes, I know we’re heavy on the boy pictures. But DD won’t let me take her picture, or makes faces when I do. Teenagers!)

11th Wedding Anniversary 

September was our 11th wedding anniversary. I can hardly believe it! Or, as DH says “It feels like a million years, doesn’t it?” That doesn’t sound like a compliment to me. lol….  To celebrate, we went to the Zoo. (Yes, I know that it was OUR anniversary. But it’s not like there was room in the budget for a romantic getaway or anything. Plus, we really do like the Zoo.) It was a fun day, although it was still pretty hot. There is no such thing as fall weather in Texas. *sigh*

(Look! I was able to sneak in a picture of DD.)

This past Sunday 

This past Sunday, DD and I attended a church service for the Deaf. It was part of her assignment for her ASL class. It was really fascinating to be immersed in their culture.  There was music, which was a surprise to us, and the sermon was signed. DD knows a lot more signs that me, but I’ve picked up a few, and was able to tell people that I was there because my DD was taking classes at the college. They were very welcoming and patient with us, although I’m sure I signed about as good as a 2 yr old. lol…

DD outside the church that holds the special services for the Deaf.


3 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. Jen,
    Your dd looks ALL GROWN UP in that last picture! Yikes…. glad you were able to go to the special service. Our church has signers at both Sun a.m. services. I really like watching them sign.

  2. De'Etta

    Yikes – she looks all grown up. Beautiful, really.

    So there is NO such thing as fall weather in TX – and here I keep waiting and waiting…. LOL

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