Creation Lapbook

When DD was younger, she and I made lapbooks. Now that I have a little one again, I’ve been looking forward to making more with him. The problem is that DS (3yo) is still on the “almost too young” side of really being able to make one.

Lucky for me, I ran across this site, which took me to this site, and all the instructions and links I needed to make a Creation Lapbook with DS. I was thrilled to find this because DS has been learning about Creation this fall at Cubbies. Now he can have a visual reminder of what he’s been learning about! We tweaked it a bit, but overall it’s very similar to the one at Little Blots.

Here is the front cover:

The inside, with the extension still closed:

A closer look at the left panel:

And a closer look at the middle panel: (The earth folds down to show the lyrics to “He’s got the whole world in His hands.”)

The right panel with the extension still closed:

The right panel with the extension partially unfolded:

A closer look at the right extension:

A closer look under the extension:

A final view with the extension completely open:

DS loves it, and can’t wait to show his Cubbie leaders next week!


4 thoughts on “Creation Lapbook

  1. LOVE IT! I think that might be easy enough to print out and have handy for our 4 yo to work on while the rest of us do school. It reminds me a lot of the pages we did in CGC on the days of creation, but those are still too hard for him! Thanks again! This is PERFECT!

  2. De'Etta

    This looks so cool. I should check out the links but we passed this point a couple of weeks ago….our activities seem to always lag behind our book work. LOL

  3. Jenny

    Thanks for posting this out here. I decided to make these for my 3 girls to have for their trip to the Creation Museum (which is awesome, but better for older kids).

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