Easy Sticker Book

I got this idea from my friend DeEtta at Choosing Joy. She mentioned making one of these sticker books for her little DD, and I stole the idea for my sticker obsessed DS! The nice thing is that it keeps him occupied for several minutes at a time, and now all those miscellaneous stickers have a home. Yay!

All I did was buy a package of blank index cards, hole punch them in the corner, and attach a binder ring. We already had some stickers around the house, but I bought a few more of the small “reward” kind. We find stickers everywhere now…the library, Krispy Kreme, in the mail…he loves them all!


2 thoughts on “Easy Sticker Book

  1. De'Etta

    We are LOVING this – although Stacia’s creative work doesn’t look nearly as uniform as your 3 yo’s. LOL Glad the idea is working for you too. It’s amazing to me how she’ll quiet right down and start working on her sticker book while we read. She’s 2.

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