Pumpkin Lapbook

We had so much fun putting together our Creation Lapbook, that DS and I are going to start working on a Pumpkin Lapbook now! One thing I like about doing Pumpkins is that it works for both a Halloween/Fall theme. Plus DS has been completely enthralled with pumpkins this year. Our grocery store has been selling all kinds of exotic looking pumpkins, and he’s fallen in love with each one of them.

I’m in the “collection” phase of the lapbook right now. I figured I would use this blog as a way to keep track and share the resources I find to help us create it.

Pumpkin Interactive Notebook (free)

Lots of links to online resources for a pumpkin lapbook

Pumpkin Lifecycle

Another blog with more pumpkin resources

Pumpkin Patch matching/file folder game

Pumpkin image to color or use as a base for other crafts

Pumpkin Patch ABC matching

Just Call me Jamin” blog, with pumpkin links

Five Little Pumpkins poem and craft

Pumpkin growth sequence cards

Other Ideas:

Pumpkin Seed Mosaic: I’m thinking about printing off a small pumpkin graphic, and having DS glue pumpkin seeds to it.

Fragrant Pumpkin: Make a thin paste of glue and pumpkin spice, then spread it on a pumpkin graphic for smelling.


Cute, non-scary Five Little Pumpkins Poem 


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