Stuff and Nonsense

DD bought a Ipod Nano for herself a few weeks ago, and has been having a blast with it. She’s thrilled that she can now have ALL of her CDs in one tiny package. She took a few pictures as a visual comparison:

Kind of amazing when you see it like this! DD guesses that she’s uploaded close to 60+ CDs. Wow!

In other news, we found out this past weekend that my mom is going to be able to come visit us over Thanksgiving weekend. Yippee! It’s been almost 2 yrs since our last visit, and we are all very excited. DS (3yrs) is thrilled too, but can’t grasp the amount of time before she arrives. So we decided to make a “Countdown Calendar.”

Do you remember making paper chains as a kid? Usually they are used for decoration, but we turned ours into an interactive calendar to countdown the days until Grammy arrives. I counted up the number of days until she arrives, then created the chain with that number of loops, making the DAY loop in red. Every day we take off a loop, getting closer and closer to the red loop. He still doesn’t *completely* understand how many days it is…but he does know that it’s getting closer!

The Countdown Calendar:


And a close up view:



We are slowly starting to decorate around the house for Fall. We visited the pumpkin farm a few weeks ago, and have pumpkins decorating the table, just waiting to be carved up for Halloween. (forgive the terrible photo. for some reason I can’t seem to take a decent pix of an orange object. comes out wonky every time.)

We have also been having fun dressing up DS in costumes whenever we are at a StuffMart. He’s been a pretty good sport about it too. :mrgreen:

And some adorable monster/dinosaur slippers we found in the shoe section:

(Nope. He’s not going to be any of these for Halloween!)


One thought on “Stuff and Nonsense

  1. Isn’t it amazing how much room all those CDs take up? I’m in the process of putting all of ours onto my iPod and then I plan to “store” all the CDs out in the shed! We no longer buy CDs which is NICE! Now we just buy a song as we want it…

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