Halloween 07

We tend to downplay Halloween at our house. When DD was little, it was easier to keep things on the “cutesy” side of things. But now a days it’s a pretty gruesome holiday. The decorations are pretty gross, and frightening for DS. In some stores you can’t avoid them, they are right there when you walk in the door. I did appreciate that Target had most of their decorations in the back of the stores. My favorite craft store, Michael’s, had them RIGHT as you walked in, and poor DS ran around with his hands over his eyes all month.

We do dress up (always in positive, non-scary costumes) and did some fun holiday activities. One of our local libraries hosts a “Puppet Town” trick or treat event each year. They set up a nursery rhyme themed event that allows kids to get stickers and small items from puppets and Mother Goose. They also have a table full of free, paperback books for the kids to choose from. DS came home with “Curious George Rides a Bike.”

DD volunteered at the event at the library. She made her own Black Cat costume, and looked pretty cute! We have a black cat at home that *adores* DD, so her costume came as no surprise to me. Lol…

After the library, we took DS to a local church that had a big celebration. They had “Candy Lane” for the littles down several hallways. The kids got to play simple games and received candy at each station. They also had a bunch of bounce houses (I think close to 15!) inside and out. They had a bunch of activities for all ages, although we only saw the ones for the littles. Outside they had a HUGE bounce/slide thing that must have been at least 2 stories tall!

After we got home we did have a few trick-or-treaters. DS wanted to hand out the candy, but we were cautious about checking out the costumes first. Last year we had quite a few scary ones. But this year they were all pretty tame. Out of all the goodies and treats DS got last night, his absolute favorite item is a pencil he got at the library. :mrgreen:

ETA: Yes, DS *did* wear TWO costumes last night! He went as a chicken (omgosh…SO CUTE!) to the library. Then as superman to the church. Lol….


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