Homeschool Report


DD: In History DD has been studying about the events leading up to WWII. Specifically the totalitarian countries, Hitler and Stalin. She’s also just finished reading “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

She’s doing great in her ASL class that she’s taking at the local community college. Several of her classmates were surprised when they learned she was both a Senior in high school *and* a homeschooler at that. I think they were impressed. :mrgreen: She had her first ever midterms last week, and she got the second highest score in the class. Whoo-hoo!

She does some writing for her TOG online co-op, but she’s also taking a writing class through online. It’s a bit pricey, but I’ve really liked the classes she’s taken so far. I think they are really getting her ready for college classes, which tend to demand students to do quite a bit of writing in each class.

DS: I am way behind on finishing up the pumpkin lapbook with DS. I was trying to finish getting various pieces together this morning, but he was bouncing off the walls. I want to wrap it up so I can get started on our Thanksgiving crafts and lapbook.

 We were also supposed to be working on LOTW PC Week 8, but I’m having a hard time getting through a lesson in an actual week.  We loose two mornings a week taking DD to her ASL class, and then I was called in Thursday to sub at a Mom’s Day Out program in town. If we don’t get around to the LOTW lessons in the morning, we rarely do them in the afternoon. I have a hard time letting go and moving on, but if I don’t I think we won’t get the Prep level done until he’s 10!




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