Watermarking Photos with Picnik.com

I’ve had several online friends ask me how to watermark their photos before putting them on the web. I use Paint Shop Pro for mine, but have been looking for a free alternative for my friends.

Luckily, I found Picnik.com! It’s a nifty site that is GREAT for photo editing, saving for the web, and uploading to various photo sharing sites. You can also use it to watermark your photos. And best of all, it’s free. (My favorite word!)

Imade a photo tutorial to walk you through making a watermark. It’s pretty easy, I know you can do it too!

1. Go to Picnik.com

2. Click on “Get Started Now”

3. Pick a demo picture to practice with, or upload one of your own.

4. Click on the tab “Create”

5. Click on “Text”

6. Type in something

7. Click “Add”

8. Resize your text box to fit your photo. Then go to “Fade” and change the opacity of the text until you find a level you are happy with.

To Save for Web:

9. Click on “Edit”

10. Click on “Resize”

11. I like to keep my longest side about 500 pixels.

12. Click on Save & Share tab, and save to your computer or your favorite photo sharing website.



5 thoughts on “Watermarking Photos with Picnik.com

  1. Mom02kids in CA

    Thanks for sharing this great tip! I was intending to ask you this and am thankful for others who were curious as well.

  2. Vanessa

    Thanks Jen for posting this sit!

    I love your Blog. I always find great info for my projects.

    On another note,
    I need to find your post on personal handwritten type…Where is it? 🙂

    I want to make some Christmas quilts with handwritten type on it. (Well printed and iron on to the fabric that is)

    You posted this friend of yours that was selling something like this.


  3. Thanks for the info. I still think I need to spring for PSP one of these days.. or whatever the initials are for the one you use. I just need you to come here and give me a weekend tutorial I think!

  4. Rebecca

    Thanks, Jen, for the answer on S4HS about creating my blog! I just watermarked and resized my first photo on Picnik, so I am on my way. Thanks!

  5. joyful wandering

    Wonderful tutorial, Jen! Upon your recommendation I have encountered the following cool things: wordpress, project365, photobucket, picnik, and watermarks. No, I am not a stalker–I just value your advice. Thank you for your dedication to helping those of us who are photo-challenged:)
    Heather in Michigan (SHS)

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