Homeschool Report #2

DD: In ASL this week, DD had to do a class presentation of her family tree. Not only does she have to sign the whole presentation, but she has to also mention something unique about each person. For example, when she signs Dad, she also has to sign that he likes to cook, etc.

She’s also studying WWII in TOG (Tapestry of Grace), and doing the regular Geometry, writing, grammar, stuff. (What can you say about Geometry? Except that she hates it…lol!)

DS: It’s still been hit-or-miss doing Letter of the Week with DS. My goal is for “school” to be fun and laid back, not high pressure or serious. Plus he really loves doing “school” just like DD. The nice thing about LOTW is that we read lots of books, which he ADORES.

I was called in to sub at a local Mom’s Day Out program. DS loves going and thinks it’s such a huge treat. I really like the teacher in the 3yo room, she’s so much fun, creative, and has great ideas for projects with the kids.

Although I wouldn’t want DS going to preschool full time, I do think that learning to work in a group has been good for him. Between me subbing at the MDO and his weekly Cubbies meetings, he’s learning new skills in listening and doing things with the group (even if we don’t want to sometimes).

Interesting observation about DS: while he *loves* doing “projects,” (arts and crafty things) he really doesn’t like to color much. He scribbles, and likes free drawing on a blank canvas (his doodle pro or white board), but dislikes coloring pages.

This makes working with him on a lapbook a little challenging because he’d much rather glue/staple the little booklets together rather than coloring them. So either the little booklets are very plain, or I have to jazzy them up with something other than crayons to get him interested. lol….


2 thoughts on “Homeschool Report #2

  1. At the scrapbooking convention I went to last weekend they had THE CUTEST alphabet books! I’m going to have ds start on one hopefully this week! And, we’re going to include phone #s for pictures of siblings, parents, and grandparents so he can CALL one of us should he ever think we left him alone again (LOL)!

  2. Hi. My name is Lisa. I post on the WTM boards and also SHS yahoogroup. I love your blog! The Cookie Monstaer youtube video was a hoot!

    Ok… Im off to look around a bit more.


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