Thanksgiving Lapbook 07

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and I’m planing to do a quick and simple lapbook with DS. I don’t want to get too complicated, because I’m sure we’ll create more in-depth lapbooks as he gets older. But I do want to introduce him to the basics of the celebration.

These are the links that we’ve used in gathering materials for our lapbook. Most of them are along a general Thanksgiving theme. I’m also participating in Little Laplinks meme over at Check it out for more great Thanksgiving/Pilgrim ideas.

I’ll be updating THIS POST when the lapbook is completed, if you’re interested in seeing the final product.

Printable “We Are Thankful” Book – from Scholastic

Turkey Pattern –

Mayflower Coloring Sheet –

Thanksgiving Color Book – EnchantedLearning (members only. Darn)

Two Thanksgiving Minibooks – Thanksgiving colors and Thankful booklet

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey –

Five Senses at Thanksgiving –

Awesome Lapbook Links – Squidoo

Another fabulous site with tons of links – Audry’s

Thanksgiving Ideas – Homeschool Helper

Pilgrim Counting Book –


Thanksgiving Lesson Plan and Ideas – Hubbards Cupboard (Awesome site!)


PHOTOS of finished Lapbook: 

Yay! We finished on time and before Thanksgiving. (It’s a miracle! lol….)

Front cover:

(Opened, with left side open for viewing) On the left side is a list of the days of the week, with a little turkey graphic. In the middle is a book about the story of the first Thanksgiving, and a small booklet counting from 1-10 using Pilgrims. On the right panel are two little books, one about the colors of Thanksgiving, and the other things DS is thankful for. On the far right are a couple of cute Thanksgiving songs.

(Right Side open for viewing) On the side panels are the pages from a small books called “Five Senses of Thanksgiving.” and in the middle are stapled about 5 or 6 of his scribbles of thanksgiving coloring pages.

(Coloring Pages lifted up) A small book about Thanksgiving food.


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Lapbook 07

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  2. Great job! This is so great. All your lapbooks have really gotten me excited about trying them with my Littles. They love the hands on stuff.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Hey- Your son colors like my son! Did they take art class together? lol. That’s a great idea with the days of the week, we might copy that one!

    I was reading your other post asking for suggestions on lapbooking, but I wondered How old is your son?

    I say if he enjoys them then that’s really good, my daughter is 4 and we do them together, it’s really a time for bonding and learning.

    I’m assuming he’s younger, so I’d recommend having an activity that goes with the resource, and taking a picture of him while he’s doing the activity.

    Like for the 5 senses of thanksgiving, since he might not be able to recall things that are there at thenksgiving, you could pretty easily give him that project while he’s at thanksgiving. He’d have a blast getting help from people finding something he could smell, taste ect. and could share his “Scavenger Hunt” with other family members too.

    Then, you take a picture of him while he’s looking for something to taste, and when he’s finished with the hunt, glue the picture and the book into the lapbook next to eachother.

    Later you can go back and read it, “Look, Son……There you are using your five senses! Do you remember that? What did you find? (you could even put pictures of each find if you like)

    Also, my son (newly 2) love to decorate the lapbooks with stickers, so if you print up some thanksgiving stickers, or go through the “discount” bins the days after thanksgiving, they’ll still have a blast decorating 🙂 We also traced his hands and made turkeys and let him glue on cut out shapes and anthing that he wanted to do with it. He’s just a bit to young to have anything “structured” so I just let him lead the learning. He loves having a lapbook of his own while Sissy is busy though, but of course he only does something on it for about 2 minutes then takes off growling like a “Ry-un……….GRRRRR”

    We really use our lapbooks as our “Pile of stuff we did and don’t want to throw away” It works great because DD get’s to compile what she did and have something to be proud of to look back on.

    I don’t know if that helps or not? Or if you were asking something else, but I hope that it’ll at least get you brainstorming more fun ways to teach your child!

    We’re pretty new to this too, but so far I’ve found the kids love it more when they get to decide which project they want to complete today!

    In Christ,


  5. Great job on the lapbook! Actually after seeing your links, I added one more thing to my son’s lapbook. (The Colors I Eat mini book) Both of my children have their books finished and pictures are up. Come see if you have time.

    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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