Homeschool Report #3

DD: In ASL this week, DD had to present a floorplan of our house, and describe each room and it’s furniture to a classmate. She also watched two “fairy tale” videos, in which the entire story was signed, and she had to pick out parts of speech, classifiers, compounds, etc. She said it was very challenging. They also learned a lot of “food” signs. She has to take a recipe into class Monday, and explain how to make it. She picked my recipe for Cake Balls and is making some right now. YUM!

She’s still plugging away at her other subjects. She read “That Hideous Plantet” by C.S. Lewis for TOG, and complained the whole time. Lol… They are still covering WWII in her TOG co-op. Neither of us like 20th century history very much. *blah*

During Youth group at church, DD went on a scavenger hunt. They had to find clues left all over out little town. They went to 10 different places; Starbucks, Stuffmart, the lake, the square, etc. The first team to find all the clues and make it back to the church won. Her team didn’t win, but she said they had a lot of fun anyway. (Especially at Starbucks. She’s addicted I tell ya!)

DS: DS and I finished up week 9 of LOTW PC. I’ve given up trying to “do school” on a daily basis. We go over his learning poster when we can, read books related to the topic of the week, and keep moving forward. We’re starting week 10 today, which is about trains. Yay! DS really likes our new Learning Center, although I’m having a hard time convincing him to leave the calendar alone. lol…

We finished up his Thanksgiving Lapbook, and I’ve been thinking about taking a break from starting any new ones until January. I’ve been finding lots of great resources and ideas for fabulous lapbooks, but I think he might get more out of them when he is a little older. Or maybe I should just do them, and then do them again in another year or two? He really likes making them…. Thoughts? Suggestions?


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