Nativity Lapbook

The Nativity Lapbook that I have been hosting has been EXTREMELY popular. There have been a few problems with downloading it however. What I have done is host it at a couple of different sites so that my web friends have an opportunity to download it. If one site doesn’t work for you, please try another.

If you do make a lapbook, please come back to the comments section and link us up to your photos! I’d love to see them!

Nativity Lapbook at

Nativity Lapbook at Scribd

Nativity Lapbook at Box

Nativity Lapbook at Senduit – this one may go quick. They only host for a short amount of time.

ETA: link fixed. Sorry about that!


2 thoughts on “Nativity Lapbook

  1. Lisa

    I was searching through your blog and ran across the nativity lapbook. This is the one I made for the Letter of the Week Yahoo Group. Thanks for posting it here.

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