ASL Final Exam

I am so incredibly proud of my DD. She is a Senior this year, but has been taking an American Sign Language class at the community college for her foreign language credits. This has been her first experience with a college class, and it has been a challenge. I’ve watched her stretch, grow, fall down, brush herself off and try again. Many of her classmates were surprised when the found out that she was a homeschooling high schooler, they all assumed she was a typical college student.

Her final exam for the class consists of a written, receptive and expressive test. She graciously allowed me to video the expressive portion of her final exam project. Enjoy!

This is the story that she is signing in the video. The story is written in English, but she is signing in ASL. One of the biggest challenges in her class was that she had to *stop* thinking/constructing sentences in English, and construct them in ASL. Also, she had to include certain types of signs (classifiers, numbers formats, number incorporations, compounds, etc.) The story and grammar are not college English class level, because the goal wasn’t for a well-written paper, but for a complex ASL signed story.

“This is a true story about me (Chelsea). I was 5 years old when one day my mom (Jennifer) learned about a fire safety demonstration at the mall. The two of us decided to go. When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly firefighter. They had a big old fire truck that kids could play on. It was very old, from around the 1960s.  I was very surprised; I had never seen a fire truck before. Children were playing all over it and I quickly joined them.

I had to struggle to get inside. I sat in the driver’s seat and began pushing all the buttons. I turned the big steering wheel and pressed down on the gas pedal. Suddenly, with a great boom, the truck started up.

Parents were startled. “What’s happening!” All the children were very scared and began jumping off the truck. Parents grabbed them and kept asking if they were OK.  A firefighter leaped onto the truck and grabbed me. He tossed me to my mom and tried turning the truck off.

Later, my mom asked how the fire truck had started. The firefighter explained that battery had not been disconnected. He was very surprised and asked me how I had done it. I told him I had randomly pushed buttons and the gas pedal. For the rest of the day no more children were allowed to play inside the fire truck.

All the way home, I couldn’t stop telling everyone that I had driven a fire truck. I was very proud of myself.”


5 thoughts on “ASL Final Exam

  1. Ron & Coralyn

    Good for Chelsea….of course we don’t know what she’s telling us….glad she took the class…..maybe she’ll use that class in her work someday.

  2. Jen, I am just now watching the video of your dd…it is wonderful. I got internet cable last week, so I can now view all these terrific videos.

    Great job, Chelsea!

  3. Vanessa

    Just catching up on my blog reading (where has the time gone?)…

    Way To Go Chelsea!!!
    You’ve proven you’re college material. 🙂
    Great presentation, you’re on your way lady!

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