Recent Layouts

This is a photo of my beautiful mother that was taken over Thanksgiving weekend. I love you Mom!

Journaling reads:

“You totally aced your first ever visit to see Santa! We hadn’t even made any plans to see him, it just sort of happened.

We had gone to the Mall to hang out while DD was at her ASL class. You and I went on a “date,” ate Krispy Kreme donuts, and checked
out the play area at the Mall.

Santa’s Workshop was next to the play area, complete with a “snow” machine that drifted snow down onto the playland

After a while you said you wanted to see Santa. The little girl in line in front of you was scared. You took her by the hand and walked with her up to Santa so she wouldn’t be afraid. I was so proud of you!

When your turn came, you walked right up to him. You looked a little uncertain when you first sat in his lap, but you did let me snap a quick photo.”


2 thoughts on “Recent Layouts

  1. What a neat site you have! We have an Abigail born in March. She is our fifth and our “unexpected blessing!” We had some really strange comments about the size of our family. “Are you done now?” is probably the most common.


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