I totally loved the KnitWars idea created by Lime and Violet. I thought it would be really fun to do something similar for digiscrapping!

I tried to pick the main goals and “resolutions” most of of us have regarding our digiscrapping, and turned them into “adventures” in which you can earn gold and treasures. (And possibly meet a few bad guys along the way.) The concept is based on role playing games, but fun for anyone!

How to join Digiscrap Wars

First, sign up with an account on the ChoreWars site.


When you join it will ask you a few questions about house cleaning, which you can ignore. The site is supposed to be about housework, but we are using it for our own digi purposes.

Click the tab at the top that says “adventures”. There’s a list there of all kinds of different digiscrap “adventures” or tasks. When you complete one, you click “claim this adventure”, and the XP (experience points) and gold are YOURS!

Every adventure you go on will earn you virtual gold and experience points. Sometimes you will run into monsters (fighting them is optional, just follow the instructions on the screen), or you will get “treasures,” like a grab bag of joy, or a spell of completion. Your adventures will show up on the character tab, for all participants to see.

The adventures are pretty self explanatory. Basically you get XPs for each LO you finish. Finish in a day, and you get more XP points. Work on a LO and you still get points for effort. You can also earn points for organizing your stash and using older photos. It’s really just intended for you to have fun and keep track of your scrapping goals!

What can you do with the XP and gold you earn?

XP (experience points) will help you “level up” as you work your way through the game. You are only competing with yourself. Use Digiscrap Wars as a way to track your progress, and don’t compare yourself with your other digi adventurers, as each of us will have our own goals.

You may wish to use the gold as a way to “treat” yourself for meeting your challenges. Perhaps you might want to use 4 gold coins = $1 to help buy a new kit or element. (Ex: $6 kit = 24 gold coins) You can track your “spending” in the game, writing in what you bought with your “gold.” It can help you keep track of your spending too! You can also use the gold to “buy” yourself real-life goodies too. Be creative!

1. Don’t cheat. You’re only competing against yourself. There are no real treasures, except the layouts you create and the wonderful feeling of accomplishment you’ll get from cranking out those layouts.

2. Play nice. Seriously, it’s just a game and a fun way to encourage ourselves and each other to meet our goals.

3. DO NOT ADD NEW ADVENTURES. I tried to cover most of the goals that most people said they wanted to accomplish. There is an adventure called “Finishing a LO not Covered.” Basically, if you finish a project that doesn’t seem to fit in any of the other categories, claim this one.

DO NOT use the “create adventure button.” PLEASE. It will only clutter up the adventure board. If you have an idea for a new adventure, PM me at DST or send me an email at photojenicsATgmailDOTcom.

4. Invite your digiscrapping friends! Just make sure to send them this FAQ before the invite code so that they understand how it all works.

Let the Adventures Begin!


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