I promise, I’m not going to bore you with a long list of resolutions. *lol* But I do have one resolution that I wanted to share with you.


Ali Edwards has recently been associated with the idea of using “One Little Word” to define your goals/life in the new year. Basically you choose one word to focus, meditate, and try to incorporate into your daily life. You can read her original post HERE.

I have chosen the word Simplify. It embodies a lot of areas of my life that need change. First and foremost, I absolutely MUST break free of perfectionism. I’m hoping that by making Simplicity my goal, that it will help free me from these bonds.

I’ve suffered most of last year from a creative block because of this *need* to make every layout Perfect. By freeing myself to make “Simple” layouts, I hope to return my focus to the story and the photos, rather than all the kewl scrapping stuff I *could/should* be using on my layout. Not every layout has to be a show stopper. It’s more important for my family to have SOMETHING to actually look at, than a bunch of excuses about why I never got around to it.

I also plan on pursuing Simplicity in our home. Although we have a small house, with a relatively small income to match, we somehow find ourselves wallowing in an excess of STUFF. Every month I plan on picking one room to declutter, organize and improve using Simplicity as my goal.

Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I don’t tackle projects like this because if I can’t do it “perfectly,” I don’t do it all. Occasionally it’s a cost factor…”This room needs at least $500 in work to whip it into shape. Since we don’t have that kind of money there’s no point in starting.” (Gee, and I wonder why my house looks like “Modern Junk Yard”.) In the interested of Simplicity, and my bank account, I’ve decided to only spend up to $30 in improving the room of the month. Thanks to my friend Lisa in Jax, I have a wonderful group of people to challenge and encourage me on this journey. She’s hosting a “Decorating Through the Year, 2008” challenge on her blog. Check it out!

Interestingly enough, the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) has declared January their fourth annual “National Organization Month.” Good Housekeeping also has a special section on their site called the “30 Minute Clutter Solution.”

What are YOU doing to organize yourself or your home in the new year? Discuss.


3 thoughts on “Simplify

  1. Ali Edwards can’t take credit for this idea. My friend from church, Becky, has been doing this for years. Except she asks God what she should focus on in the new year. She inspired me to choose a word this year – rest. I think your plan sounds great, Jen!

  2. That’s SO ME! I could have written almost this exact post! I always remember this quote from Henry David Thoreau….. “Our life is frittered away by detail…. simplify, simplify, simplify.” I have it taped to the top of my computer monitor so I can see it EVERY DAY!

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