A Year Off

During my recent travels around the net I ran across this blog: A Year Off.

Considering my focus of Simplicity for this year, I found the premise of this blog to be very interesting. This family is trying to STOP bringing more stuff into the house. This is an aspect of Simplifying that I haven’t previously considered.

Oh sure…I try to practice the rule “One in, Two out.” But that doesn’t always work for me. (Obviously if stuff was actually LEAVING the house I wouldn’t have clutter.) I’ve come to realize that I really LIKE retail therapy. *cough-cough* Sometimes I’ll walk into Target with a list of two items, and suddenly discover 50 things I never knew I needed until I got there.

The last few days I’ve realized that I’ve been muttering “Simplicity. Simplicity,” over and over under my breath when I’ve been out shopping. It seems to help break the trance that comes over me when I walk into a big box store. :mrgreen: Granted, it’s only a week into the new year, but I’ve done pretty well so far. My biggest downfall has been buying little things for DS. That absolutely must stop, for a hundred different reasons I’m sure you already know.

I don’t know if I could take a year off of shopping altogether. Maybe I’m just a little afraid to try, too. Perhaps I’ll try for just this month and see how it goes.

Anyone want to join me?


One thought on “A Year Off

  1. YEP! ME TOO! I’m continually irritated at myself when I haul boxes and boxes of stuff to the mission… irritated that I spent so much $$ and time on “stuff.” I hope to significantly decrease the amount of stuff we buy this year!

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