On the Mend

DS was sick about a week ago, and I think he gave it to the rest of us. DH was sick first, then me, then DD. We were dropping like flies.
Thursday we were all very dehydrated and had terrible headaches, in addition to having our stomaches feel like they had been used for punching bags.

Thursday night DH volunteered to risk taking Ibuprofen for his headache, and see if his stomach could tolerate it. After a few hours I took some and convinced DD to take some too. We are feeling better this morning, although still pretty wiped out.

I have Cloroxed all the light switches and doorknobs, am washing all the bed linens, disinfected the pillows and mattresses and scrubbed the bathrooms. I’ve somewhat overdone it a bit, because I’m feeling really puny, but I couldn’t STAND the thought of catching it again.

At first we thought it might be food poisoning, but DD didn’t eat dinner with us so it had to be the flu. Especially since we were all violently ill for about six hours…the same amount of time DS had been sick the week before. DD didn’t have it as bad as DH and I, but I think that’s we were taking care of him when he was sick.

We are slowly eating again, and drinking lots and lots of water. My stomach feels like I’ve done 5K sit ups. *Ugh*


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