Decorating Through the Year

As I mentioned earlier, one of my Resolutions this year is to choose one room each month to declutter, organize and improve in some way for $30 or less.

For January I picked DS’s bedroom. I actually pretty much organized and decluttered it in November when my Mom came down for Thanksgiving. But it still needs a bit of tweaking. In the “improvement” department, I *really* needed to do something about the creative uh…window treatment in his room.

Yes, that’s a flannel blanket acting as a curtain. Lol! Told ya it needed some improvement. :mrgreen:

Normally DH likes to do this kind of stuff, but since he had to go into work today, I thought I would do it myself. Plus, I got to play around with his power tools without  him knowing about it until afterwards. *Grin!*

A little screwdriver here and a power drill there, and viola! A lovely new window treatment!

Not too shabby for less than $30!


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