Four Laws of Simplicity

I have discovered a wonderful blog called ZenHabits. It’s is full of great ideas for uncluttering and simplifying life.

My favorite post so far, and which totally ties in to my theme this year (to Simplify), is called “The Four Laws of Simplicity.” Here is an excerpt:

So I’ve boiled it down to a simple method of Four Laws of Simplicity (apologies to John Maeda) that you can use on any area of your life, and in fact on your life as a whole:

1. Collect everything in one place.

2. Choose the essential.

3. Eliminate the rest.

4. Organize the remaining stuff neatly and nicely.

He then goes on to show you how these Laws can apply to different area of your life, from a cluttered closet to a cluttered date book. I totally love these rules, because it helps me to really thin the ranks of our clutter.


One thought on “Four Laws of Simplicity

  1. Hey Jen, My fav on that site is the Simple living manifesto – the 72 steps. That was great on-the-road reading this past week. I got home inspired to stick to the point!

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