Eye See U

I woke up the other morning with something going on with my eye. I think it’s because I spent TWO hours Monday night squinting my way through a blurry movie.

DD and I went to see the new National Treasure movie. Unfortunately, the theater either had a bad copy or someone wasn’t doing their job. The movie itself was blurry, which naturally makes me squint. We like the movie overall, although the original was still the best. I might have liked it more if I could have actually seen it. *lol*

I also think that age is starting to take it’s toll on my eyes. I’m not “old” mind you, but my eyes sure feel that way. One of our computers is inside a hutch, and I have a terrible time with the contrast between the dark inside and the bright monitor. I even have a lamp inside to help even out the contrast, but after only a bit my eyes feel very strained. Worst of all, that’s my scrapping computer, which means I spend lots of time staring at it when I’m scrapping.

I think all the squinting and staring made my eye mad at me. :mrgreen:


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