Wrong Game

Friday night I drove DD and her classmate down to the Deaf Center for the Deaf movie “Wrong Game.” From what I understand, the Deaf community has very few movies that are actually made specifically for them. I dropped them off and went to B&N to wait and hang out. (The movie tickets were $12 each, and I didn’t really want to pay for a movie that I couldn’t understand.) It was really weird being all by myself. I’m so used to always being with at least one of the kids, or DH. I *like* have ppl around me.

I took my Ipod and listened to an audio book while I had a snack at the Starbucks in the store. DD messaged me so I went back to the club (getting lost along the way). When I got there the movie was still going on, so I got to see the last 5 minutes or so. It was interesting, because I could sort of tell what was going on, even though I don’t understand hardly any signs at all. ASL is a very expressive language. I’ve always been fascinated by it.

I believe the movie is a murder mystery. Although DD did say that as a hearing person she didn’t find the scary scenes all that scary. We talked about how movies use music to set the mood of the film. She said when skeletons would pop out that it wasn’t scary because it was just a skeleton waving it’s hands around silently. Or that ppl in the movie would “scream” but of course, there was no sound. You can see the trailer for the movie HERE. Obviously, we missed the sound because we are hearing. I wonder if it was “scary” to any of the Deaf in the audience?

DD and her classmate talked with a few people after the movie, and I tried signing a little bit with a few people. I had one deaf person tell me that I sign very well, and DDsaid that was a HUGE compliment. The woman also said that DD was a very good teacher (since she was teaching me a few signs), and I can only assume that was a huge compliment to DD too. I’m so proud of her!


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