Jan 30

My MOPS group had a field trip this morning to the local fire station. DH decided to come along too. :mrgreen:

The kids got to check out the inside of the fire engine. Big fun!

Several of the firefighters came down the pole. The moms and kids “oooohed and aahhhhed” every time. (I made the comment to DH that every time the Mom’s went “whooooaaaaaa!” at the firemen, it sounded like a bunch of women at a Bachelorette party. *snort*)

They even took us upstairs to their living quarters. That was a total surprise! I’ve always been curious what it would look like. It was extremely clean (if only my house was half that clean and tidy), and had areas for watching tv and surfing the net. They had three refrigerators, and were having brunch while we were there. They had a balcony/patio area with a grill for eating out during nice weather.

We got to peek at their “bedrooms,” which were basically tiny rooms with curtains for door off a single hallway. Right outside this area was the pole to slide down to the trucks. It was all very fascinating.


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