Lost *Spoilers*

DON’T read this post if you are a Lostie and haven’t seen the new Season 4 episode!


Wow, what an episode! I don’t know if I like these “flash forward” type episodes or not. It’s kinda nice to get a peek into the future, but it also makes me sad to see what becomes of some of my favorite characters. (I *wuv* Hurley!)

Again, there are more questions than answers.

1. Who exactly is Naomi working for, if not Penny?

2. Who are the Oceanic 6? Obviously we know three of them, but who are the other three? We know from Jack’s flash forward that one of them died (the coffin at the funeral home). If I remember correctly, that person’s name started with a “J.” Was it Locke?

3. What possessed Jack to grow that hideous beard? lol…

4. Was that Jacob sitting in the Rocker? And who was looking through the window? Was that Jack’s dad in the rocker? Is *he* Jacob? And was that Locke looking through the window at Hurley?

5. I know that Hurley has mental issues, but he couldn’t have been imagining the house, he’d never seen/heard of it. Was Locke trying to “commune” with Jacob, and is that how he got to Hurley so fast?

6. So are there people still left on the Island? And does the Island want them to come back? Because it sure seemed that Jack was happy to be home at first, but when he met Kate at the airport at the end of last season he was telling her they needed to go back. Why the change of heart?

I can’t believe there are only going to be 8 new episodes.  Ugh! I’m afraid with the Writer’s strike that they will never be able to finish the show.


One thought on “Lost *Spoilers*

  1. Oooo, another Lost fan! My ds got me into it when he was on leave. Unfortunatly, I’m used to watching it on dvd since I was watching the earlier seasons and not used to having to wait a week for the next one. I need my questions answered!

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