I am so LOST

1. Who was looking through the cabin window at Hurley last episode? At first I thought it was Locke because he got to Hurley so fast when he started screaming for help. But when Hurley pointed out that the cabin was the OTHER way, both Benry and Locke looked freaked. Plus, I think it was Jack’s dad in the rocking chair.

2. Abbadon is one bad dude. If you go back and look at a screen shot of his tie, he has little dharma-esque looking hexagons all over it. So is he a dharma person trying to find out what happened at the island?

And why doesn’t he think there were any 815 survivors on the island? Naomi obviously did at the time.

3. How in the world is Ben communicating with his man on the boat if the Others lost their outside communication when the barn where Patchy worked got blown up?

4. What’s the deal with Random Dan? :lol  Didn’t he give the MOST suspicious sounding answers when Jack found him? He paused just long enough to really sound like he was trying to come up with a plausible lie. lol….

5. Have you noticed the whole “DAD” theme? Jack and his dad; Hurley and his absentee dad; Locke and conartist dad; Sawyer’s dad killing his mom and self; Kate killing her stepdad; Michael and Walt (and Michael screaming “It’s a fathers RIGHT!”); Benry killing his dad and the dharma ppl; Jack’s dad is also Claire’s dad….

6. Did we ever find out what Rousseau thought that her ppl were infected with? Remember she said she had to kill them all?

And what were those injections for that they were giving Claire. If she got pregnant OFF the Island wasn’t she automatically going to be okay giving birth? Why haven’t they tried giving Sun any injections?

7. Was the second airplane planted by Oceanic to “solve” the mystery of 815 so they could get on with the business of flying?

8. Notice that each member of the team seem to have their own agenda? Miles had a picture of Benry; Naomi had a pix of Penny and Desmond. (How did she get that?). Random Dan seems focused on the Island (Remember the whole “scattered light” comments when they first met?) and the blond chick seems interested in Dharma.

9. FWIW, the anthropologist’s name is Charlotte Staples Lewis – CS Lewis’ middle name was Staples too. He was born Clive Staples Lewis, but everyone called him Jack.

10. Random Dan (Dan Faraday) shares a name with Michael Faraday, a real-life physicist, who established that magnetism could affect rays of light. Wasn’t the whole 108 minute Hatch thing because of the Islands electromagnetic properties?

11. The name Minkowski (the guy Miles called on the satellite phone but was told by a woman that he wasn’t available) is a reference to Hermann Minkowski, the mathematician who pioneered the idea of 4-dimensional space-time.

So does that mean that the Island actually exists outside of normal time and space because of it’s electromagnetic properties? Is that why that Other-other Richard Alpert never seems to age?

I love Lost!


4 thoughts on “I am so LOST

  1. I love Lost too… I just saw your post on the SHS yahoogroup and had to come peek!

    Did you find out whos eye Hurley saw? It was Locks eye… we have Tvo and kept pausing it and moving forward and backwards slowly. It was his eye.

    You have great questions…. Im going to go back and view the last episode…. you gave me some new things to look for. *Ü*


  2. Lisa in ME (SHS)

    Lost makes my head hurt. 🙂 I’m going to have to come here each week to see what I’m missing! LOL We started watching it through Netflix & actually finished last season just before this season started.

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