Wowzer! LOST

I absolutely loved this episode!

1. Totally kewl that we finally have confirmation that there is some kind of electromagnetic something-or-other that effects the Island and the people on it.

Not totally sure HOW it works, because according to last week’s episode it seemed like only a 30 minute difference (based on the projectile that came from the boat). But it seemed like it took the helicopter what….24 Island hours to reach the ship?

2. Obviously there is only one safe way in and out, and if you don’t take that seriously, you’re doomed.

3. I didn’t think about it until after the show, but there were a TON of number this episode! Penny’s address and phone number; the machine settings Des gave to Random Dan; auction paddle number; the amount bid on the journal…and I’m sure I’m missing some more. I’m sure they mean something because, dude, nothing can be taken for granted on this show! *lol*

4. Remember how Rousseau in Season One (or two) talked about how her people all “got sick” when they got to the Island. Maybe they had the same thing that Des had? Perhaps they didn’t get to the Island the “safe way?”

5. Did y’all notice the painting at the auction?!?!?! It was the Black Rock! The ship that the Losties found on the Island, that Rousseau took them to get dynamite. And the auctioneer said that the ship’s journal was found by the Hanso family. (Aren’t they the ones that own/started Dharma?)

6. I’ve got to find out more about these Whitmore connections. It seems as though Penny’s dad and the Hanso ppl are very much wrapped up in what’s going on at the Island. Didn’t Penny’s dad own Oceanic Airlines?

7. I’m soooo glad they didn’t kill Des off. I thought for sure he was doomed, and practically cried when he got to talk to Penny. I hope they are one couple that makes it through this crazy show. lol…

By the way…remember a few episodes when they were introducing the new characters. The helicopter pilot was watching a news episode about finding the Oceanic 815 crash site, and they flashed a number up on the tv screen. You can actually *call* that number and get a message from Oceanic Airlines. Lol!

Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 hotline telephone number 1-888-548-0034


3 thoughts on “Wowzer! LOST

  1. Pam

    VERY interesting thought on number 4. Never occured to me. I finally feel like we are getting almost as many answers as we are questions this season.

  2. Now see~I LOVE “Lost”, but not up against “The Office”~which was kinda painful to watch this week~LOL! WHEW!

    It really kinda freaks me out whenever I see Des playin’ Jesus on that TBN movie. SO not believable after associating him with “Lost”~LOL! It’s NOT that he does a horrible job, he’s just DES! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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