Lego Mania

It all started when DD was about 8 years old. We were studying Egypt, and Kmart was having a B1G1 sale on Legos. Next thing we knew the house was flooded with Lego Egypt sets. Then came the adventure sets, and the futuristic underwater sets, all very cool.

Fast forward about 15 years. We’ve kept all those Legos, even though we’ve lost all the booklets and no longer remember how to create the pyramids and underwater explorers. But the cool thing about Legos is that your imagination can run wild with ’em. Now it’s DS turn to build and play, and he can stay occupied for HOURS.

DH isn’t immune to the siren call of the Legos either. Every once in a while, when he has a few hours free, he’ll build something with the boy. This latest creation was quite amazing, and lived on the coffee table for almost a week. The boy was in Lego heaven. 😀


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