In-laws and Dead Batteries

DH’s parents came for their annual visit. We were excited to get a chance to show off all the hard work we have been putting into the house the last month. DH has been painting the entire outside of the house, and we had been working together to paint the living room. (Which is a huge pain because it has cathedral ceilings which means we actually painted enough wall space to equal the entire house, but only ended up with one room painted.)

We all went out for a little shopping, then back home to rest. As we cruised to the curb into the front of the house, my van gave a couple of weird chugs. It wasn’t until a few minutes later, when we went back outside to move the van that we discovered it was dead. Fortunately, it was only the battery. And thank goodness it didn’t die while we were at Ikea or on the highway back home! It’s bad enough when something like this happens on a regular day…but when your prarents/in-laws are visiting? *Horrors!*

Of course, all the “men” in the family immediately flew into action. It was fun watching all the male bonding going on. 😀

DS decided that he needed his own tools, just like Dad and Grampa.

But since they wouldn’t let him play with the engine too, he decided to make sure my tires were working properly.

And we ended the evening’s adventures with a fun game of Wii Bowling.


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