During her third grade year in public school, DD asked us repeatedly to homeschool her. At first we blew off the idea. I mean, come on! Homeschoolers are weird, ya know? But the idea stuck with us, and we decided to try homeschooling her for just one year. Next thing we knew, we had “one year-ed” ourselves all the way through high school. šŸ˜€

We are so incredibly proud of DD. Not only for her academic accomplishments, but also for her extracurricular ones. She volunteered for 3 years at the Dallas zoo, 3 years at the library, 2 years at the aquarium, plus for two summers she helped paint houses for the underprivileged in our city.

We have watched her grow into an beautiful young woman; kind, thoughtful, and with amazing creative and artistic talent. We are excited to see her spread her wings as she faces her next challenge, college. She has decided that she would like to go into graphic design program offered at a nearby university. She’s staying home this first semester and attending our local community college, while learning all the ins and outs of her new college career.


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